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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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Aw, darn - I didn't make the list? I guess I'll have to get more than two books published, eh?

So fun :) I've just finished all 5 of the "Dublin Murder Squad" mysteries by Tana French. I'm not much for mysteries usually, but her prose style and deep characterization are terrific.

I read more non-fiction than I ever thought I would, but it still needs a great narrative to get me interested.

Now, about this "Jane Austen." Who is she?

Have you ever seen the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett? My FAVORITE series ever. It's pretty dense reading (I mean, it's not Victor Hugo, but it's not at all fluffy) but the story is SO SO GOOD. Historical fiction. You HAVE to give it 100 pages on the first book, but if you can make it through those, happy sigh. I totally agree on the Joshilyn Jackson. She just rings so true. With delicious CRAFT to her books. And I love what you said about Anne Tyler - exactly.

I loved "On Writing" so much! I'm definitely reading more this year, and it feels good. I used to read ALL THE TIME and I've gotten away from that. What I *really* want to read this year (and feel a little embarrassed that I haven't read them before!) are the Lord of the Rings books. I've read the Hobbit! But that's all.

You should talk to Jonna about that time she discovered a little known author named Stephen King.

Loved What Alice Forgot, but have been afraid to purchase any other books in fear that they wouldn't live up to my expectations. Thanks for the head up! Will be checking out Big Little Lies.

Who is this John Green you speak of?

(Also, for realsies, I am so glad you love Anne Tyler. For years I thought she was my little secret, when I realized she is wildly successful and a best-selling author, it blew my mind. Ha.)

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