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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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Sing it sister. It was so grand to hug your neck.

Such a beautiful reflection, Arwen! Your warm smile and approachable you were such a gift to me! Thank you and look forward to getting to know you more via social media and your blog :)

Lovely and uplifting as ever :) I enjoyed this, but I was *really* blessed by a post you linked to- Perfection. I'm really struggling with this myself.

It is good that you are here, indeed!

Oh, I love you so much my friend. I'm so glad you got this opportunity, and this renewed perspective.

And I'm here anytime you might need a reminder about "my friend Arwen"....

Oh I love each and every one of your posts. Thank you.

This was really lovely.

Aw, so great!

I love when I see a post from you pop up in my feed!

I need to be told that what I do matters, that I am not alone, that God loves me, that I am called to grow in love and become the best version of my unique self. I know this intellectually - I've certainly spent enough time writing it down over the years - but that doesn't negate my need to hear it, to affirm it, to recommit myself to it.
This really resonated with me. For me, it's easy to feel like the work I'm doing isn't important. I get told directly and indirectly on a semi-regular basis that the work I'm doing as a wife and mother isn't enough, and it's hard to hear (i.e. I should be working for a paycheck and using my education). I don't have many people around me that share my beliefs, so I'm always glad that there are people with similar beliefs online. In fact, the community I find online is one of the few things that draws me to blogging, but I'm not big on putting myself out there, so....

I loved reading this, and I'm so glad you had a great weekend in Austin. It is (also) good that you are here, on this website, talking to so many of us online. You have been such a support to me in the past, and I am lucky to know you.

I really needed to read this today! You are lovely and inspire me! So glad I got to meet you this weekend.

You are so lovely, Arwen. And so good.

I am excited to hear that you will be working with 5th graders because I have recently signed up to help prepare grade 6 students for Confirmation and I kept thinking "I know that you are calling me to this, Lord, but if only I had a gift for apologetics like Arwen". I think you will be *wonderful* at it, and I opened ou don't mind if I reach out to you as I proceed. You are always welcome to do the same (and will definitely be in my prayers).

I always enjoy reading your posts, Arwen. But, this one really spoke to me. It reminded me of something that I read last month that stuck with me (below). Thanks for sharing.

The duty of the moment is what you should be doing at any given time, in whatever place God has put you. You may not have Christ in a homeless person at your door, but you may have a little child. If you have a child, your duty of the moment may be to change a dirty diaper. So you do it. But you don’t just change that diaper, you change it to the best of your ability, with great love for both God and that child…. There are all kinds of good things you can do, but whatever they are, you have to realize that there is always the duty of the moment to be done. And it must be done, because the duty of the moment is the duty of God.

This is just beautiful. Thanks for your perspective. I felt a little similar going into Edel -- I'm feeling pretty good in my life right now, I'm blessed with some amazing friends -- do I really need this as much as some others do? But for me, Edel ended up being about something else entirely. That wonderfully sneaky Holy Spirit.

Your words are so sincere and inspiring. It IS good you are here.

Very touching post. Thank you for writing this! It made a difference.

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