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Friday, June 06, 2014


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I love, love, love this! It is pretty much exactly how I feel about this season of life right now. And it makes me remember when I was that age and allowed to explore and run. Summers meant being shoved out the door after breakfast and not returning until we were told we needed to eat something. We lived on the farm, so it was one adventure after another. I don't remember being inside much at all in those days.

ARWEN. Oh, I love your family. I love your writing. I feel like I'm looking back at perfect summers - my own, my kids', yours. All of them. A parade of nostalgia, most of which isn't even mine (yet!).

Every time you post something… especially something like this, I wish you had time/energy/etc. to write more often. :-).

happy sigh… Loved that season of life so much.

I love this! I love that, by virtue of being family, I get to see this progression from the outside and get to share in experiencing it from time to time. :)

Such a lovely reflection. I am looking forward to this summer so much. J has managed to stay a kid, really, and I'm grateful for that. ("You're going to the park? I'm coming!) In August, though, a teenager! And in a year? He'll be preparing to head to high school. (GULP.) Definitely grasping these kid moments and holding tight.

Arwen and Bryan, how sweet life is for you. These are fleeting days
and need to be savored. I don't think there is a time this precious. Everything has a season. You are in this one now. Bless all the days. I so enjoy your writings and look forward to many more. Love to all of you.

I love when you post. And yes, THIS is how I've been feeling. May your summer be superb.

YES! Enjoy! I know life with little (and medium) kids is exhausting, but my oldest just graduated from high school, my middle one is halfway through high school (and she knows what that means) and my baby just finished 5th grade. And they all were nurslings two blinks of an eye ago...I swear!

I just love this! I have recently become aware of the wonder of my oldest (age 4 1/2) as a whole entire little person in his own right, separate from just being my child, and it is amazing and awesome and wonderful.

Arwen Elizabeth, I could read your writing ALL DAY LONG. I love the way you write about your life, your family, and the passage of time.

Here's to this summer, this now, this moment. xo

I love everything about this, but especially the paragraph that starts "But there's the beauty of it..." ~ you are such a wonderful writer!

How exciting for Blaise to start Kindergarten! With his big sister to lead the way at school. Will the twins go to pre-school at all?

Your babies are growing up. :)

Yes. This.

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