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Monday, March 03, 2014


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These are some of my favorite types of blog posts out right now. Your life is both so very different from mine and also a lot the same. Although I gave up Candy Crush around level 107.

Wow, what a day! I'm really sorry that you are dealing with the sinus and headache stuff. It's not easy to have a busy life when you have a chronic problem. It sounds like you are managing it as a team, though, which is great. I don't know how you got through it all when the twins would get (and stay) so sick all the time.

I'm also glad I'm not the only mother who lets rotisserie chicken save the day. At first it felt like fail to me, but the troops perk right up when they can smell that dinner is imminent. Now it's just the way things are, and I don't fret...mostly because everyone will eat it, and that is everything to me.

Yayyy I love these. Thoughts:
1. That the twins fight over dustbustering will never not amuse me (it helps that I don't have to HEAR the fighting, and can just visualize them, each with their vacuum).

2. Wooo compressible coats for car seats! What kind do you guys use?

3. Re: the twins and the checkout lady, I'm always really fascinated by how other people perceive my kids, especially on their own turf.

4. You are a total rock star at momming (and Bryan at dadding), and I love your little family, and this window into your day/life.

I just went over to Candy Crush to remind myself which level was 500 and saw you're now on 501! Woo-hoo! Clearly I picked right up on the important parts of the post. (Also, I really loved The Rosie Project.)

Paul is in that same napping phase where he either takes one (only in the car - he refuses at home) and is up all night or doesn't and is a basket case by dinner time. It's...special. And maddening.

I love this post. You and your husband sound like pretty amazing parents - and partners. And your kids sound so sweet and full of fun.

I love these day in the life posts! Research shows I haven't done one since Nico was a baby, so I'll have to do one soon :)

Okay this is a really fun post and I actually LIKE your over-narration because it feels like I am talking to you. Or you are talking to me.

Also, I love that you unapologetically need to doze in bed til 8:30 or 9. *fistbump* (ME TOO.) The days I have to truly be an early-morning mom are BRUTAL to me.

Also, I am torn between feeling glad that I don't have to cajole my kids into sleep every night, and super jealous of the snuggle time that doubles as phone/reading/twitter time. You have worked out a good system for you and your people on that one, lady.

ALSO I just like you a lot and your family delights me.

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