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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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I notice two things about this post. First, it is very lovely. And I agree with you about the one baby. I was so bored. And we had acres of time, Arwen! We thought we didn't but we did! Although, of course, in the moment, we did not, because I won't go back in time and do tell our past selves to "Just wait!" because it WAS hard and we WERE busy. We were at n kids, not n-2 or n-3. N kids is always hard.

The second thing I notice is that this post has a distinct lack of bread recipes.

I absolutely love that she is reading Besty-Tacy. Some of my best memories are of my grandmother taking me to the library week after week during the summers. No matter what else I came home with, I checked out those books over and over again.

I only have one child, and I am not bored, and I have plenty to do. With one child there are no built-in playmates, and while my son entertains himself pretty well, I still have to pick up the slack. Especially when it comes to facilitating social opportunities for him. I wish I had more children, but every family size has its advantages and disadvantages,and having one allows me to savor one-on-one time and really pay attention to all his quirks and sweet qualities. His childhood is flying by, and I'm glad that I have been able to savor it as much as possible. (Which does not mean that I'm glad that I wasn't blessed with more children. It just means that I am certainly going to find and enjoy the blessings of the family I have.)

I like this because it's so true. I think these early school years are a sweet spot, and I'm happy to be in them.

I read this last night, and it's so, so lovely. While reading this post, I felt like I was in a bright room, with sunshine streaming in the windows, offering warmth and light to everything. It's a busy life, but a sweet one indeed.

Gorgeous. I do my share of clock watching with two. I don't think I will have more but this is a lovely argument for it.

Wow, this is fantastic! I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth. I have four now, too, and this is exactly how I feel. I do have a baby in the mix, but thankfully a delightfully "easy" baby (after three high-need babies) and my life is so full, so big, so exhausting, and so joyful. Thanks for writing this!

Oh, I relate to this! Not because I have a bunch of children, but because even with one kid - it was SO much more boring to hang out with an infant than with a 3-year-old. Now we play and cook and have adventures together. :) My life isn't hard in the chaotic sense, but I do feel like these are the best days and I will miss them so, so much when they are gone. My life is so full of joy and laughter. :)

I think it was more the age of the one child than having one in and of itself. One baby is a baby, but a child has personality and interests and is so much more interactive. My two are a handful, but a fun handful.

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