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Thursday, February 27, 2014


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I shall try it and report back!

I'd love the weights, please!! Can't wait to try it.

Well it's about time. I already have a batch rising, but I think the two loaves for the bigger pans is too much for my Kitchen Aid. What size mixer do you have?

Shoot, yes! Maureen, I should've mentioned that.

I have a 6-quart Kitchenaid, which can handle the bigger batch. If you have a smaller mixer, kneading by hand may be necessary.

I was waiting in a tiny bakery in Chicago once, and asked the baker what she was doing to some freshly baked loaves. She had a mix of cornstarch and water in a thick slurry, and she was brushing it onto the tops of the hot loaves. She said that as the hot bread cools it dries the cornstarch into a shiny glaze that keeps the crust from drying out. Their breads were really beautiful. I'm certain that butter on top tastes delightful, but I thought I'd mention this tip in case you ever wondered where shiny crust comes from.

Once dough is smooth and uniform (this will take at least 5 minutes of kneading...does this mean kneeding with the kitchenaid/dough hook/stir or by hand?

At least five minutes with the stand mixer! Probably more like ten minutes by hand.

So excited to try this! Thanks, Arwen!

<3 Catie

I'm on the second rise right now and I was coming to say you must have a bigger Kitchenaid than me! The dough climbed right up the hook. I kneaded by hand, and man, that's a workout! If this bread tastes like your dad's, though, it will be worth it. Can't wait to taste it.

If I were to split this work into two days, at what step would you suggest I refrigerate? I don't get home until 5pm and I am unlikely to be baking at midnight but really want to try this.

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