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Monday, November 11, 2013


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I loved two. I'm getting through three, but I'm hoping that three clears up soon so I can enjoy it.

"Practically feral" is a pretty accurate description of mine. Only 51 weeks til she turns three!

Ha ha... I love the feral comment too.

First off, your kids are adorable.

Then, this:

"And then, surprise, they are in fact practically feral and definitely unfit for polite society and the dissonance can be frustrating."

This is the most practically perfect sentence to describe two-year-olds I've ever read. Well done! Love. It.

Two-year-olds are so fun, aren't they? Granted, I only have experience with my one kid, and he's only been 2 for a little over a month, but so far I think he's just so much fun -- especially the way his language is exploding. The other day I asked Alexander if he wanted to get out of the bath and instead of yelling "NO!" as I expected, he calmly replied "No kank-koo [thank you]. Playing right now." When did he turn into such a PERSON? Who understands and uses language effectively? (He doesn't ALWAYS speak so well, obviously. But on the occasion that he does, it just blows me away.)

Oh, I LOVED two. I am so looking forward to Genevieve getting through the frustrated grunting and pointing phase and getting some of those fun two-year-old qualities.

I love age 2! Such an adorable age (even if they are a little feral.)

I loved age two. But I've loved every age so far so perhaps I just get Stockholm Syndrome.

That's so sweet (fighting over who loves mama more!). I loved the two-year old phase, and I honestly thought that three was harder than two (but I loved that stage, too; it's all good!).

I liked two, but three was hard. I decided that 3 is the new 2. Feral is a great description!!!

Good call on skipping the nursery. Those two have had enough sickness. It's time for fun!!!

They are just SO sweet! And two of them?! I can hardly believe it. (So far, I've found three much more challenging than two).

So adorable! I love the fighting over who loves you more! I'm delighting in Emeline right now, and yet the feral behavior (such a perfect description!) is exhausting. Thinking of doubling both the cuteness and destructiveness makes my head spin. I am in awe of moms of multiples!

Two is my favorite too. My second just turned three and it's so much easier to deal with this time, but man, three. Two is just pure sweetness.

Love age 2, love that you described their behavior perfectly (feral! what a fabulous word for 2), and love their smiles.

My youngest just turned two this past Wednesday and I feel the same way about the age. I think two year olds are awesome. And frankly, after experiencing three year old and six year old tantrums, two year old tantrums are just amusing.

There must be insane levels of cuteness at your house with two, two year olds.

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