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Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Arwen, have you ever read any of Anne Tyler's novels? They are my favorites above all others. I think you would like them. In "Back When We Were Grown-Ups", she addresses the way that children in the family come to have little nicknames that really stick and which the whole family uses without really thinking anything of it. Oh and her heroines never fret about the "s" word because family life is just a higher order of the day. Also, she can really turn a phrase. In "Saint Maybe" she referred to the "slightly tarnished" look that children have by the end of a day, and when I finally had a small and disheveled young person, I smiled and felt it could be a very apt description! Anyway, they're lovely books and I hope your new normal will have more reading time.


Lovely to have you back! Your babies are older than I've ever had babies. (So far my record is Anthony who was 23 months when Lucia was born.) How lovely that sounds right now.

They are all so beautiful. I'm so happy you are out of survival mode and looking forward to you blogging regularly. (We can hope?)

My ID boys are 22 months and I felt like around 19 we turned a corner where I could grab 10 minutes of sanity at a time. If I am with others and find myself not pushing a double stroller or carrying socks and shoes and 3 water cups (big guy is 4.5) and crackers all while trying to put my own shirt on... I feel carefree and weird. I think I will feel weird when they do not demand near-constatnt attention. We are getting there, but not there yet, and it will be weird to see myself as an actual person again who can do things other than pour milk and wipe snot and try to prevent twin A from swatting twin B in the face... Glad to hear my future will be okay once I get over the weirdness of the freedom!

I love this post. Love that you blogged. Love that you are still babying your 2yos a little bit because they're the youngest and you can (us too!)... and I also second the nominations for Anne Tyler books.

You are delightful and your posts are even more fun now that I hear them in YOUR voice. :)

It really is so bizarre to be coming up on the age the olders were when the youngers were born and knowing there won't be anymore (for me, at least.) Leo is 27 months; Violet was 28 months when Isla came along, and Isla was 31 when Leo was born. I cannot imagine him being as ready for a sibling as they were! He is still my baby!

I love your explanation of the nicknames. Leo currently calls Isla by both her first and middle names, and I hope he keeps on doing it, mostly because he pronounces it "Isla Roof (Ruth)". I call her both names with some regularity, because I like the flow, but since he's started doing it she prefers to be called by both names by all of us.

I'm glad you're out of survival mode and into a more cheerful phase of normal mode and I would not turn down a slice of that bread.

Oh Arwen I loved this so much.

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Welcome back! Missed you and your babies!

Hi Arwen, I really miss the Faith & Family blog. Thanks for this post - it was great. I have identical twin boys who were born in February 2011, just a few months before your guys. I totally get that we're starting to have more freedom now. it's still hard, but it's getter better.

I'm so happy you're entering this season of parenting bigger kids. It's the greatest! And I totally know what you mean about losing momentum post-survival mode. For me, it's the shift from always being reactive (survival) to trying to be proactive. It's like two completely different ways of living life, and it takes time to switch from one to the other. I have to do it a little at a time, adding in proactive things gradually, or else I get overwhelmed and bummed out about not being able to do more. I think you're doing a *fabulous* job. XO

Awesome, you made it to the other side and you have survived! Quite an accomplishment. And, it only get weirder as they all grow up. My oldest is 15, about to get his permit, I have two girls who are 12 & 14, my youngest is 7, and my twins are 10. Time goes by so fast. It will only seem a short time and yours are all grown up. I totally get the "between stages" funk and it still happens. I do have to say it is cool to have built in babysitters!

What a lovely picture. We just have our first baby, we used to think ONE is all we want. But now after this first baby, even she is only several months, even I had so many sleepless night already, but I started to think whether we should have another one. LOL...

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