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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Bravo Arwen. Beautifully told.

This gave me goosebumps. I can't believe the #moshertwins are already nearly two! (Right?? TWO? That doesn't seem possible.)

That was beautiful. I'm glad they got born too.

This was amazing, I'm so glad you wrote it and that I got to read it and that Linus and Ambrose are happy and healthy.

Beautiful story - thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing the story!

Oh, Arwen. TEARS. I love this story. I know this is way in the past compared to where you are now, but I'm still so happy for you.

Loved reading this :)

I love this.

Love it! Amazing twin delivery. So glad you had such a wonderful doctor. I feel equally gushy about my doctors, who have been fantastic in so many situations - including the outward calm during emergency birth so that I didn't know HOW bad it was until much, much later, when all was well.

As, it's so nice to read the ending! Thank you so much for sharing!

This is beautiful. I teared up more than once reading it. xo

I just love birth stories and this one was such a good story. And TWO BABIES!

Funnily enough, my Linus also started off as baby B but pushed A out of the way to be born first. (And poor A got shoved out of the way again, and C was born second. But I had a c/s, so I can blame the doctors so as not to cause sibling strife.)

Thanks so much for sharing. I miss seeing your writing more often and always check back! Was so glad to see the rest of the story. My twin birth was so special and I loved reading about yours. Hope you are having a great winter! :)

Great birth story, especially now that it's done and you know it ends well :). The babies were gorgeous then and are, of course, equally gorgeous now! (Interesting -- I didn't know that you could actually be "good" at pushing -- I've been told that I was, but the first time I thought they were just saying it to be encouraging).

Beautiful story, Arwen!

I cannot believe that you can still manage to post on your Twitter profile to give update.
You're such a strong woman. But anyway, it's indeed a great feeling knowing that there are people who care about you especially to the times like that (labor stage).
Love this birth story, such a sweet share.

♥ Junalin
Doula Training

Oh Arwen, what a beautiful story beautifully told. You are so strong and confident and... I admire you so immensely. And the photos you included here are WONDERFUL. What a beautiful family you have, so very lucky to have you.

What a lovely story. Childbirth is not easy at best, and you have come through with flying colors. Congrats on your lovely babies you will love and enjoy them for years to come.

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