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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


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Look at those twins! GROWN UP BOYS. I get kind of panicky when I see pictures of kids about Paul's age. He ages so incrementally and slowly when I'm watching every day, then I see a picture of someone else's kid and am smacked in the face with how old they/he is getting.

YAY YOU, for solo parenting by choice. When I went on business trips, I really did see them as almost vacation-y (sleeping through the night! Eating without interruption!), so I probably project that vacation vibe onto Thomas' work trips more than I should. I don't know that I'd think to tell him to just go somewhere, even though I went to the Blathering.
(Though he is going on a trip in March to schmooze some potential clients and attending a spring training game with them. He is a HUGE baseball fan, so I'm not taking any "work is so tough!" talk on that one.)

i like this blog

so happy to see a post from you in my reader.
How awesome for Bryan to get a couple days at Vail.

While I cannot say in good conscience that I would LIKE to solo parent for a few days, I am sometimes sad for my husband that he would never go off by himself or with friends. I think he would like to if he gave it a chance, but he's a homebody and would travel with me but that's it.

So good for you for "letting" him (ha!) and good for you for being strong enough to handle four children, period. You are my hero.

And man, those kids are getting big.

I love that... Human roomba. I identify with your mother as that is totally my style!

Elizabeth likes the picture of all your kids and would like to come join the sleepover.

I don't think I have ever (or maybbe only rarely?) commented on your blog (I don't think you've blogged much since we became twitter pals) but I love that you posted this and would love even more if you did it again soon. I'm glad writing makes you feel good!

I'm single. I don't have kids. I'm not Catholic. I MISS F&F.

I miss reading your posts on F&F! Obviously you need to blog here more often :)

Brian has only taken one non-work trip without us (or at least the kids) since we've been married. And that was for his grandma's funeral so I can hardly count that. I probably should offer him some time...

P.S. If you ever make it to Vail you're only a few hours from me!

Oh wow, the twins are HUGE. And your kids look fantastic! Ice cream sandwiches are obviously very beneficial to them :). Solo ventures can go very well, but I have to say that when my husband comes back it's like I'm exhaling an enormous breath I didn't even know I was holding in. I will say it's very nice when the oldest is old enough to watch the baby for a few minutes, so in a weird way it's easier being alone with three than with two (or with one perpetual-motion toddler).

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I have so missed your posts on Faith and Family!!! Glad to hear how things are going for you. Your posts make me smile (and I though I was queen of parenthases abuse, but you're right up there with me!) ;)

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