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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Glad to see a post in my reader from you! I love hearing about your year. I didn't do the survey this year but reading yours makes me want to, just for me. :)

Happy 2013!

So should people (just in general, not saying I'm one of them or anything) not tell you they admire you, because you don't care?

Asking for a friend.

Oh, Arwen, I laughed so hard reading this post. I love the strikethrough questions. Still chuckling. Thanks for that.

Slim, you're the funniest. (And kindest.)

I think I didn't use clear enough language there. I do always like it when people admire me - that's just natural, and I have no intention of changing that (as if I even could).

What I meant: I like myself and my life better when I don't use *gaining the admiration of others* as a personal motivator. Even something as simple as getting dressed for the day is much happier if I choose clothes I like instead of clothes I think will impress those around me. Apply that to other areas and voila! My life is much more peaceful.

The strikethrough questions cracked me up. Glad to read about a good year, and hoping this one is even better!

I was going to say that I should try to feed my family more vegetables but then I decided it is probably a lost cause. Sigh.

Arwen, I just want to say that I've missed you! With no F&F and no posts here, I've been occasionally checking your twitter feed (I don't twitter) just to see how it seems you're doing. Please blog more if you can!

Glad to hear from you! I liked your take on a year in review, it was more interesting then most of the ones I've read. Where did you find the questions? I wouldn't mind doing something similar. :)

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