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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


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I am s glad you are going!


OH MAN, I am SO glad I watched this instead of packing. CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU.

Well I'm not going to the Blathering, but after watching your VEE-log, I wish I were! Have a great time!

A couple random thoughts:

I did not realize there was a Michigan accent, but the way you talk reminded me SO much of my one sorority sister who was from Michigan.

I was also a huge nerd in high school- lettered in orchestra and academics, and won "Science Student of the Year" as a senior. And graduated 2nd in my class. (Also, my high school boyfriend was a drummer in the marching band.)

I'm so sad I don't get to meet you this year!

Oh, come on. Captain of the Quiz Bowl team is cool. (We've talked about his before, I think.)

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