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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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It does get so much easier. ...Although, first there are the toddler years. Yes. Well. Let's think the way business people do: about how things will be in five years!

We're going to hit 3 years with our twin boys next week! It's gotten better in some ways and harder in others. Congratulations and happy birthday to them!!!!

Kids are such a worthwhile pain in the neck. :)

What a lovely sweet post! You have such a beautiful family. I hope Year Two is much easier and brings you much happiness. (It's clear, from that gleeful climbing face, that there will be mischief.)

Happy Birthday to Linus and Ambrose! Wait, the magic didn't happen, the switch didn't flip and they didn't become perfect eaters, sleepers, self-entertainers overnight??? Don't we all wish it worked like that!
I know the exhaustion. BTDT and am there once again. And then, when they are all in bed and actually asleep at the same time, you can sneak in and take a peek at them and BAM! The exhaustions melts away and all your feel is that enormous love. It's so overwhelming and all encompassing, and makes it all worth it.

I'm right in the middle of babyness at the moment with only ONE older kid and a baby who mostly sleeps through the night I absolutely don't know how you do it because I am tired.

Congratulations! I also couldn't wait until my twins turned 1 because I thought *magically* it would get easier. And it some ways. My twins are almost 9 now and I would do anything to go back to those baby days....well maybe from 1 to 3 years old. It was just so cute to see 2 little people in the house. And just wait until they start talking to each's amazing! :)

How did I get everything I ever wanted? Yes, that. I've been feeling that grace, too.

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What a charming lovely post! You have such a wonderful household. I wish Season Two is much simpler and delivers you much pleasure.

Beautiful. I'm glad you got everything you wanted. May you also survive it!

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