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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Still praying for him. Glad to hear of his improvement, and Ambrose's, too.

I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be. So glad there's light at the end of your tunnel.

Oh Arwen, hang in there. Wishing the best for those precious boys.

Praying he gets to come home tomorrow!

I'm so glad both boys are hanging in there; am praying for them and also for YOU to get enough rest one of these weeks!

I'm so glad things are improving, and hope he can come home soon soon soon.

Thanks for the update Arwen--as one who doesn't follow twitter and facebook, I appreciate it! ;) Glad to hear things are looking up, but will still continue the prayers!

Thank you for finding the time to post! Much love and prayer coming your way . . .
sarah in canada

Thank you for the update - I've been thinking about you and your sweet baby. Praying that you'll both get to go home soon.

I found this great resource for expecting mothers, and it is free!!!

I came here from LFCA. My younger child had RSV when he was 4 weeks old. Very scary, but he got through it. From then until now (he's 3), he continued to have reactive airways, where he'd get extra-sick from a regular cold - some pneumonia, some bronchitis, numerous ER visits and for a time there we did nebulizer treatments twice a day, even when he wasn't sick. It has gradually improved. We had an ER visit recently for one of those episodes, but it hadn't happened in a long time - he does sometimes now just make it through regular colds with no ill effects. I'm optimistic. I hope the best for you guys as it is super-stressful when it's going on!

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