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Friday, February 24, 2012


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We're not a praying family here, but it's not alienating or offensive to ask! Don't add to your family's stress. All of you guys will be in our thoughts today.

Oh my goodness ! What difficulties you are having to endure just now ! Prayers for everyone are being sent your way. Illness in a family especially of a little one is very stressful on all concerned . i wish I could be there to help but I am with you in spirit. LOVE TO ALL Auntie Nan and Uncle Doug

I've been checking in like crazy and hoping for the best. It's very, very hard to have a child in the hospital for any reason and I hope you will give yourself permission to accept that, Arwen. The sorrow of this crisis (and what it means to all of your children) is NOT self-pity. Do whatever you must to get through this time. I wish I were local to bring over some food or do some childcare or laundry, but I will be thinking of you.

Praying constantly!

Praying hard for your whole family, that this resolves quickly and you can all be back together and healthy again soon.

Love and happy, healthy thoughts coming their way!

Celeste said it :) More thoughts and warm wishes coming your way.

The Shonka's are praying. May God's blessings and grace be continually with them throughout this ordeal.

Thank you for updating. We will keep the prayers coming. Having been through a situation with one preemie twin being hospitalized while having the other at home, I know how terrible it can be. Prayers for a swift recovery for Linus, prayers for Ambrose to NOT get what Linus has, prayers (and lots of hugs) for the "big" kids who aren't quite big yet and prayers for Arwen and Bryan to just get thru each minute. I called my Rabbi this morning to get them on the prayer list for my congregation, my Mother-in-law has our Catholic side covered, asked a Quaker friend of my to "hold them in the light" and requested a special intention Lenten prayer group started by a friend on FB to pray for them as well. Trying to get all the bases covered!!

We are praying for healing for Linus, wellness for Ambrose, peace for Camilla, Blaise, Arwen and Bryan. Much love to you all.

Thanks for the update! I'm praying for the whole family, and thinking of you all often!

Oh no! I'll certainly be praying -- you've had enough recently, I hope you can be spared too much of this.

Prayers being said.

Arwen, I've followed you on F&F for awhile but I don't comment much. My family and I will being praying for you, your husband,your sick little baby, and all the kids. Rest your worries on our prayers and God's grace. Spring is coming! Soon enough all your kiddos will be out in the warm sunshine together.

I've never commented before for so many reasons. We are worlds apart on many, very important issues. HOWEVER, I've read your blog for a very long time (pre-Camilla), and love to hear the writing of people that are so confident in their beliefs and world views.

Anyways, even though we are very different, we are very similar in that I have a baby boy that was born on May 11, 2011 at 36w3d after a difficult pregnancy (I had a partial placental abruption at 32 weeks... we hung on until 36w3d). So I follow your updates as our boys are very close in age. My little one just got over RSV, but we were so fortunate that it was a mild case. My thoughts are with your family, with Linus, and with you and Bryan as you try to negotiate the logistics of it all. Here's to a good week, and hoping that your family is reunited at home soon!

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