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Saturday, January 07, 2012


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I loved this meme. Excellent answers. I especially loved your revisions to the questions. As another mom of many, I can appreciate your pizza consumption, love of cheese and general disregard for pop culture (hey, you spent most of the year locked down onto the couch while listening to the shrieking/cackling/wailing rather than new music.)
I am glad that you've begun counseling, I know what a difference it's made in my own life. We moms tend to put such immense pressure on ourselves and talking to someone about the stuff in our heads is huge.
My big laugh was your comment on "is Bryan helping with the kids" because I hear that all the time about Tim. Yeah, he's helping. It's called necessity. We've got 4 kids and another on the way. If he wasn't helping, he'd be hurting! LOL

Kelson and I just read and laughed over this in stereo -- two computers, two sets of guffaws! We love you.

Ha! So much I could say, but I must agree with the Thomas comment. A freaking earworm, indeed! That show ... it is on my list.

Aaaaand, now the Thomas song is stuck in my head! :)

Your new questions are way better than the original questions. Especially the counties one, because Yes! I have visited many counties this year!

Also, I may have to copy your tradition of watching all seasons of the Gilmore Girls with each new baby. I know I watched them all soon after Kalena was born, and again sometime last year. So new baby/Gilmore Girls this spring!

I am amazed at all you did this year! You even visited more counties than I did!

I love this recap, and especially your substitute questions. Here's to the peace you need, and deserve, in 2012!

An interesting factoid: I thought for the loooongest time that you and Lauren were sisters. It really made complete sense to me.

My favorites are your edited questions, you hilarious girl. And the parts where you offer me copious praise, of course. ;-)

You really did kick 2011's butt. Handling TWO BABIES and two "big kids" is no easy feat, and you've managed to do it with grace and good humor. You remain my parenting hero, obviously.

The babies, they consume your life, yes? :) I laughed out loud when you got to the money part and the "pushing five figures". Then I cried when I realized that we're in the process of spending at least one and a half times that (if we are lucky and DON'T end up with extensive baby medical bills) to add ONE child to our family. As my husband says, pregnancy is nearly always less expensive than adoption, but unfortunately that option continues to ellude us. We all have our crosses. Yours is (currently) facing the demands of four very small children all at once. Ours is trying to wait patiently (with varying degrees of success) to be chosen by another birthmother. Both are equally valid and probably equally difficult, in their own ways.

You owned 2011! You are an inspiration, and I'm very thankful for you. :-)

In #8, you forgot homeschooling! I often read your posts and cry because your life sounds so overwhelming right now--I feel more overwhelmed than I ever thought I would with just two, but your overwhelm-ed-ness is on a whole other plane from mine (which is why I want to put my head down and cry for you when you describe everything on your plate). You are doing a great job! Happy 2011!

I meant happy 2012, obviously ;-)

*happy sigh*

I love it when you blog.

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Wow! Good Job Surviving and thriving with twins! I don't know how my mom did it for so long either!

Especially good job nursing them!

No way? You watched Gilmore Girls following birth, too? It's a favorite of my husband's, and he introduced it to me by making sure I was able to watch every single episode, following the birth of our son. Perfect use for all those long hours spent nursing a newborn on the couch!


I'm a twin and not sure I really understood how difficult that was until now when I start thinking of kids. 2 may put me over...

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