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Friday, October 28, 2011


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I also had a random contraction pattern with my 4th, which I was convinced wasn't doing anything... 8 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 9 minutes... midwife said (afterwards) that she has seen this happen a lot in women who are on their 3rd or more birth. I was literally shocked by the urge to push, because I had mentally prepared myself for hours more of labor since the contractions weren't regular as they had been in my other labors.

Erbdna? I...think I'm doing this game wrong.

I'm terrible at anagrams, so I appreciate the help! And you're leaving us with a cliff hanger! :) Loving the birth story.

I am loving all the details. There is nothing like a good birth story.

"(In retrospect, if I'd understood what NICU time is really like, I'd have been fully in favor of more pregnancy time no matter what. But I didn't know then.)"

Oh Arwen. I think this all the time. We both had such good outcomes, but still.

I wish I could dilate with no regular contractions! My body tends to do the opposite-- regular contractions for HOURS with no dilation at all.

I love reading your birth stories. I'm a huge fan of all the details.

More story please! I know how it ends but...MORE STORY!

You and Bryan look so great if tired in your photo of the last post. So much for the night nurse about dilation, eh? Yes, MORE STORY. You really did a wonderful job carrying those boys and you don't get to choose between pregnancy time and NICU time really, most of the time. Having a baby (or two) really seems to be the advanced course in not being in control!

I remember watching your twitter stream while you were going through all of this. . .and I have to say, I remember feeling so shocked about how blase you seemed, regarding having the babies six weeks early. . .how okay you seemed about the distinct possibility of having babies in the NICU for a while. At the time, I remember wondering whether you were just making a heroic effort at putting on a brave face, because in these situations you just have to decide to be okay, right? Or if you really weren't that concerned about 34 week babies and NICU time. Granted, I was reading it from the perspective of a mom who has already had a baby in the NICU, and that makes a big difference. But I now know, from this post, that you really weren't understanding just how difficult and scary the early-baby-NICU thing is. Of course I understand that we can't truly comprehend experiences that we haven't been through ourselves, but I'm still a little surprised that, being an experienced mom and not a first timer, you were as unconcerned as you were. If nothing else, I assume that you've been reading blogs as long as I have, specifically "infertility" blogs. . .and how many heart-rending NICU stories have we read over the years on these blogs? Anyway. I just remember thinking that if I were your friend in real life, I would be really struggling with the conflict of whether to try to tell you that you really shouldn't be wishing for the babies to come that early, because NICU time was really not something to be desired, or to not try to stress you out any further and just let you go on in your own way. I guess the take-home message to me should be about just how difficult bed rest is, because I'm thinking that it was the prospect of being done with that ordeal that made you relatively unconcerned about the NICU ordeal. Talk about two evils, huh?

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