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Sunday, September 18, 2011


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I love internet friends! They are the best friends. Happy birthday, Lauren!

What a lovely post! I have an "It's me" friend, but we met in college. We don't talk daily, but text or e-mail all the time, and talk on the phone most weeks. She's my best friend in the whole world and I know I would drop everything for her if she needed me, and she would do the same for me. I loved when we lived in the same area, and have missed having her near for the past 8 years. I'm happy for you that you both have found this blessing.

I LOVE LAUREN! Honestly, she was my favorite person I met in Chicago. I can't wait to see her in Austin and totally monopolize her time.

(And, yes, please forward this comment to her so she knows what is coming.)

I had an "It's me" friend in grad school (in addition to the amazing roommate and amazing buddies of all stripes). Sometimes she wouldn't even bother with the "It's me" -- she'd just start talking, with this lovely amused tone in her voice. We're only in touch about once a year now, but I can hear her voice coming out of the little handwritten addenda she always puts on her Christmas letter, and I think if she were to call, she'd just dive right in with an "It's me" and "I saw something that made me think of you," and we'd pick up right where we left off. =)

Best wishes to you both.

I appreciated that you put this up in that years ago I used to rad her blog Southern Comfortable but then never knew what happened to her. I am glad you two have such a bond and it is neat to see she is still around and doing well!

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