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Thursday, July 28, 2011


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I love these photos, Arwen! What a beautiful, beautiful family you have!

So incredibly proud you, Arwen and Bryan...and Camilla and Blaise and Tirian for that matter! Lots of baby is lots of work for the whole fam, right? Praying that God will richly bless you with the special joy of twins, even in the midst of much sacrifice. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Never have I seen such perfectly round babies. I love them so much I can hardly stand it. Ever since Leo was born, I have thought of you often. I'm barely keeping my head above water with a newborn and two older children, but you're doing it with twins! Blows my mind. You are doing such a fantastic job -- I hope you realize it!

They are so cute! I love that last picture!

They look like they are doing really well! Best wishes to you and your wonderful family!

Absolutely awesome! You've doubled them! I love their pudgy-wudgy chins so much. C&B look so grown up! Your Christmas photo this year will be amazing. Congratulations on the harder work of twin motherhood bearing such wonderful fruit!

Little chunkertons! So cute!

Holy moley!!! Too cute! And, ummm, when the heck did Camilla's legs get so long and Blaise stop being a baby?! That picture of them holding Ambrose and Linus shocked me!

I just know you are doing a fantastic job, Arwen, and those boys will look back at those pictures and know just how excited you were to have them in your lives. <3

They are SO CUTE!!! I can't believe their chubby little cheeks; I just want to kiss them! :)

P.S. My favorite pic is the one in the chair with Linus asleep (I think) and Ambrose yawning. :D

They are so precious! We just found out we are expecting twins too a few weeks ago and yesterday found out they are both boys. It seems like just yesterday I read you were having twins. They are growing so fast!

nom! nom! nom! on them precious little chins and necks. They are so precious and it looks like big sister & big brother are good little helpers too.
You are blessed :)

The cheeks! The many chins between them! Oh my word, so cute. You are doing a GREAT job as their mama!

So sweet!!!

They look so great!!! I continue to pray for you all.

They've far surpassed to goal of 'double the birth weight by 4 months' that I was given by my ped! And cute, too!

So adorable!!!! They are so chubby!

GIANT BABIES! No wonder you're so busy, Arwen. They are so gorgeous, as are Camilla and Blaise. They're so tall!

Good work, lady! xo

The cheeks! The CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS! (And those "what the heck are you doing taking our picture?" expressions in the last photo!)

They are delicious. And I am so, so proud of you.

Soooo cute! And when did Camilla get so tall?

Adorable! They are so gorgeous and cute! And the big kids are darling too - how did they get so BIG! I still can't believe you have 4 kids.



Those cheeks!


If you told a stranger on the street that these two babies were in an intensive care unit, scrawny, with feeding tubes...just nine weeks ago...well, they would probably say you're a big old fibber!

They are SO cute. I never really thought "bald and fat" would be Bryan's look. But they have his exact face it seems, and they are fifty-eleven kinds of clearly, his luxe locks and trim physique are highly overrated.

Snaps to you for undertaking the most rigerous feeding/pumping/lather, rinse, repeat X infinity that I have ever seen someone stick with. Your determination to give the very best to your babies borders on the superhuman. They are so blessed. And CUTE. Did I say cute?

So cute! Good job on the growing!

I enjoyed your note about not being able to tell which baby was which in one photo. May I suggest (as an older sister of identical twin girls) that you label even the photos where you can tell now? In 25 years, you might not be able to. This will insult one of the boys, who will grab the photo from you with a look of, "HONESTLY, now..." and will then examine the photo...and continue to examine it...and continue to examine it...until he tosses it back to you in a huff and stalks off and refuses to talk to anyone for the rest of the night.

Not that this sort of thing ever happened with my sisters and me. Why would you think that? ;-)

Those cheeks in that last picture are just too precious!!

Love the pudge! Next picture, I wanna see how those thighs are progressing!

They are so adorable. Brings back sweet memories of when my own twins were that small. Of course, that was only 2 years ago and it is already a blur...haha. Enjoy them!!!

Precious, simply precious. And amazing transformation in the little guys.

Love those delicious cheeks! What a tremendous job you're doing, Arwen; they're absolutely thriving. J, P & M loved the pictures and can't wait to see all the kids again soon! :)

You are doing an amazing job! The boys look AWESOME!! (as do you!)

Adorable! And when did Camilla and Blaise get so big?!

They are little pumpkins now!, what a wonderful blessing.! How are you doing mama?.

So beautiful!!! And I can't believe how big Camilla and Blaise are. I hardly recognized Camilla.

So cuteeee!!! They look like Blaise.

Your babies are so adorable (and they look just like Blaise)! Love the pictures :)

That is amazing how fast they grow! My own baby (just one) is not 8 months old and just climbed up 17 stairs to surprise me upstairs!

The time sure flies!

I just came across your blog and I read through this post (and looked at the adorable pictures!), then I had to read your "about me" section because I just had to know if you were Catholic (your kids' amazing names tipped me off!). I look forward to reading more in the future - and looking through your archives.

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