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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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I will be thinking of you every few minutes!

The babies will be here soon! Thinking of you!

Praying for you and the babies. Good luck with the delivery. Can't wait to hear what names you have picked.

Delurking to say go you; I'm rooting that it will go well and safely.

Thinking of you and praying this all goes well!

I will be thinking of and praying for you and the little ones today, Arwen! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

ooh, i'm with mary - dying to hear the names :)

lots of prayers, i've been doing so often the past few days.

here is to a blessed happy delivery and little to NO nicu time for the bebes. oh and good nursing :)

Cannot wait to see these babies. I remember the moment I heard you were PREGNANT and now you are DELIVERING TWO OF THEM. All our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

I've been thinking about you ALL DAY! Sounds like a good place to be in, all things considered. Hoping for a speedy and safe delivery and I can't WAIT to meet those babies soon.


You have my best thoughts...

I am TRYING to send you a message through twitter, but it's not behaving at the moment so here it is:

@arwenelizabeth OH ARWEN. You are such a wonderfully gracious and positive person. I'm sending you my prayers & will be thinking of you all!

(you may possibly see this in a tweet, which is DOUBLE the "thinking of you")

Praying for a safe, easy delivery for you and babies! And now I will have to go crack open my neglected twitter account!

Praying for a great delivery healthy babies and a smooth adjustment, and good sleepers. Can't wait to find out what the names are for the babies.

Sending you prayers and wishing you all the best! You are in such good hands, both human and divine. I can't wait to meet the babies!

I can't wait to meet your new little guys!

Long time reader wishing you all the best from Australia.

Good luck, Arwen and family! Good thoughts coming from Vancouver!

Praying praying praying for all of you. May God give you grace and peace and trust in Him through it all. I very much agree (like it matters) that it's best to not mess with pre-eclampsia, having had a severe case myself with our first. It can get serious quickly and going into L&D in such a calm, peaceful way is a much better way to head into a delivery than the possible alternative.

Excited for you ... you mama to FOUR! Amazing. =)

Good luck, we will be praying for you.

Delurking to send you lots of good wishes and happy thoughts from the UK!

Thinking of you and the babies.

I'm so happy for you and your family, Arwen! I hope the induction goes well; it sounds like the birth you need to have for everybody's sake. I'm so glad your mom is already there; everything is happening with such grace...but I guess you've already felt like that for a long time. (((hugs))) A family of cool is this!!!

Good luck! Prayers to you and the babies.

You're in my prayers! I can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful darlings!

Delurking to say good luck, and I'm rooting for a good, healthy birth for you and the babies. Oh, and I seriously cannot wait to hear the names you've picked out :)

Long time reader (since before there were any kiddos, and now soon to be four!)delurking to say that you and your little ones are in my prayers. You have been a blessing to read over the years, to see your faithfulness to God so rewarded does my own faith good. I am so excited to read this next chapter in your life as it unfolds.

Thinking of you and praying for a smooth delivery and healthy babies! Can't wait to see pics!

Good luck Arwen! Thinking of you in California :)

Thinking of you! I'm glad you're not having to deal with more severe preeclampsia. My brain is having a hard time processing to fact you're actually giving birth today! Our due dates are a week apart and having my baby next week sounds insane.

Good luck! You have prayers being sent up from Kansas City!

OH So happy for you to meet your two new miracles!!! Twins are a blessing and I love every minute of it!!! Good luck and Cant wait to hear how things went!!

Praying so hard for all of you!

Longtime reader - we've never spoken but I've always felt we would get along great in person :) I've been thinking about you and the babies and will pray for a safe delivery and the health of the two boys. God bless you and your family! Best of luck with the delivery!

I'll be praying (from Ohio), as will my random friend in North Carolina who happened to be on Skype when I read this.

(Don't you love the internet?)

Good luck and God bless you!

Can't wait to see a picture of the Two Baby *Elvis's*!

Too funny!
Donna L.

Delurking to wish you happy thoughts! Will be praying for you and the babies from the UK!

Hooooray! :)
with love and prayers from sarah in Canada

Praying for you all! Looking forward to meeting the little guys!

So excited to read that today might be birth day! I'm so glad that your labor is moving along, even if it is weird compared to what you've been used to. Maybe it isn't weird for a twin birth?

Can't wait to see and hear all about your little ones. Wishing you every good thing as this day goes on!

Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures of your babies!

Arwen - as soon as I woke up, I checked your Twitter feed ... CONGRATULATIONS and much love!!
sarah in canada

Congrats!!!!! Hope all is well with Linus and Ambrose.... I have no idea if you will read this or not, but (no assvice intended here, especially since it seems you have AWESOME drs.!) but...make sure you have started pumping..and if your hospital is using Medela pumps, make sure you have the preemie initiation card- it simulates the suckling action of a newborn.....and make sure you're pumping every three hours....I learned alot about milk production when my sil had her 31w4d twins this winter....and she's still nursing them exclusively...they have NEVER had any formula/fortifier....Hoping all is well

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see pics. I hope you're getting some rest after such a long day!

Congratulations! So happy for you all!

Congratulations, I'm so glad everyone is doing well! On a shallower note, I love their names :).

Congratulations, Arwen and family! You did a beautiful job getting those babies here big and healthy! Can't wait to "meet" them online :-)

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