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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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So many prayers coming your way each day. Your boys are really doing great! They are so amazing. :)

Your look FANTASTIC, by the way!

Look at those beautiful boys! So sweet. I'll continue praying for ALL of you.

OMG TWO! There are TWO!!

they are so beautiful! and praying of course!

The boys are adorable! And I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.

They are adorable, and I am going to specifically choose "praying for nice nurses" and focus on it. That sounds like it would make such a world of difference.
You can do it! You're doing great. Those little guys look absolutely perfect and you guys make a beautiful family.

They're darling (and doing so well for being early)! Praying for your requests right now.

Beautiful babies!

Which is which? I am guessing that is Ambrose on the left in the second photo, because he is less pink-complected (complexioned?) but neither looks particularly jaundiced to me so I am not sure!

You all look wonderful!!!

Many prayers for you, especially for understanding nurses, and for as short a NICU stay as possible. I feel for you especially with the emotional part of leaving the babies there. I had a 34 week baby, and the hardest thing about the whole time was leaving her behind each time I had to go home. I would cry everytime I left. May God use this time to let you recover and rest a bit, and bring your babies home soon. (By the way, your boys are GORGEOUS!)

All of you look marvelous. Prayers for all your intentions.

Praying for you all, sweet Arwen.

They are adorable. They will be fine. Hang in there - you are doing a great job.

Definitely, absolutely praying for you. We have been in the NICU two out of three time and know well the ups and downs of it all.

The boys are beautiful and it's amazing to see your arms full with TWO babies at once!

It looks like Linus has your face and Ambrose has Bryan's!

Praying for the day you have all your littles home with you!

Oh, Arwen! Your boys are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these pictures with all of us - your joy and love is written all over your face. Know that Tim and I are praying for the day to come soon when that joy will be that much brighter because your boys are coming home to you. Praying, praying, praying, my sweet friend. Hang in there-you're doing great. Much love to you!

I think Linus looks like a Thomas & Ambrose looks like a Mosher! How fun & wonderful! Strength & grace to you... you are my 5th friend with twins so I have heard a bit about the endurance it requires & the joy it brings. Blessings Arwen.

Sending lots of prayers! They are beautiful, strong boys, sons in a beautiful, strong family. May God's peace be in your hearts

I am praying. They are both adorable and it is lovely to see them together.

prayers going out to your whole family. The babies are beautiful. Having twins boys that are a 1-1/2, I have a special place in my heart for twins, especially boys. Hang in there and know that God will not give you more than you can handle. Twins are a huge blessing and these guys are going to great! twice as nice, I always say! :)

Can you get core nurses? We spent five months in the NICU with our daughter, and we created a team of 5 core nurses that when one was on, he/she was her nurse. It was such a relief to have someone I knew and trusted taking care of her. Even if they don't have this program, I'm sure you can talk to someone there, and tell them which nurses are your favorites and request they be assigned to the boys as much as possible.

I think this is my first comment, so I'm sorry if I seem pushy. I can really empathize with what a difference having a good nurse makes to your comfort level.

I am completely amazed that there are two babies! It's awe inspiring enough that one baby is created in our bellies, but two?! God is so good!

Thinking of you and hoping you get everything you need (and quickly) to get your children home with all of you. Wishing you all the strength you'll need, and the opportunity to fall apart if you need to. I didn't have NICU experience beyond jaundice with my daughter but even that was plenty to stress me out as a new mom. Tears are part of the package when your babies are in the hospital. Thanks so much for the updates!!!

Those babies are simply adorable!!! and you and Bryan look amazing especially given the demands of this time. Keep on keeping on. Prayers continue for all of you!

I might not be a pray-er, but I'm thinking of your family and sending strength and warm thoughts your way! You all look fabulous! I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave your babies. They are so lucky to have such an amazing mama and loving family. Soon this will be a memory and your boys will be snuggled up next to you sleeping (well, hopefully -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these little guys will be good sleepers ;))

Oh Arwen, They are both so beautiful. I love the pictures of you and Bryan holding both of them at once. Such a gorgeous family. Pouring out prayers that you will be able to bring them home soon and have all four of your children together. (Poor Camilla is really going to be outnumbered now, huh?) Also praying that the rest of your NICU time will be as smooth as possible. I pray that God will send you good nurses. I know how much of a difference that makes.

I had to take Ben back to the hospital after we'd come home because of jaundice. I hope it resolves quickly for Ambrose. And that poor Linus gets the eating down.

You will get through this. You are so strong and you have so may people holding you up with their prayers. God bless you all.

Those are some CUTE babies! Sending good thoughts your way...

Arwen, they are soooo beautiful. I know being separated from them must be awful, but it really sounds like they are doing great. They look great without all the IVs and leads and everything. I am praying for everyone in your family multiple times a day.

What gorgeous healthy boys! And you look radiant. Thinking of you guys often and hoping you have your whole family under one roof soon!

have you talked to the docs about using a probiotic supplement to help with the digestive issues?

Your beautiful family is in my prayers. Have they mentioned to you that Linus' sleepiness when trying to nurse could be partially related to his jaundice? My oldest was full term, but she was severely jaundiced and they told me when we had to bring her back to the hospital for a stay under the lights that her poor nursing was a result of the jaundice.
I hope the boys' NICU stay is as short as possible.

Have you tried to nurse completely skin to skin? My NICU baby wouldn't latch unless we were skin to skin. I would lay her on my breasts and after 5-10 minutes she would get interested. If you would like to speak to a La Leche Leader, I can find you one.

Prayers, Juliet

Hey Arwen!
Congratulations on those two beautiful boys. My firstborn had jaundice and was a lazy nurser too. It's so hard to go leave the hospital each night. Here's hoping and praying those babies are ready to go home soon.

The twins look great, and so do you! Thank you for sharing the precious pictures! Your family is in my prayers!

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I've been following your tweets and know how difficult you've found it not being with your babies. Seeing yours and Bryan's faces in these pictures made me burst into tears. Stupid hormones lol!

I read this even though all I wanted to do was stare at the pictures. I'm sorry about the hard parts of this, but so, so happy for your family.

They are so beautiful! You're all on my list. Hang in there, you're doing great!

Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing! Arwen, you are radiant and it's wonderful to see you, Bryan and the babies all together. Sending many prayers your way!

Praying for you and daddy, your bigs, and your two littles. My son was seven weeks early and in the NICU for two weeks with feeding issues. I cried, a lot. You, with two other kids at home, are balancing much and doing an awesome job! My son is four, healthy, and eats like a horse! One day at a time is tedious, but those days do go by with babies getting stronger all the while! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

I know how you feel about life in the NICU. I will pray for all your requests. On a side note, I REALLy wanted to name my son Linus Fulton but my husband said no so he's James Fulton. But when he was confirmed in the NICU I requested the name Linus and got my way. :)

Such beautiful babies!

While every NICU journey is unique, I want to let you know that I am sympathizing with where you are right now.

I had two babies in NICU--one born at 32 wks and another born at 29 wks. It's so hard to be apart and to roll with the ride, but I want to encourage you to hang in there. These struggles will resolve themselves with time and in another few months will be a faint memory.

With the other two kids at home, having the round-the-clock help with the babies is a real blessing! At least I felt that way when my third baby was born early. I told the nurses that with my first premie I didn't appreciate the NICU as much as I did with my third. I told them I wanted Henry in the NICU until he was really, solidly ready to come home and thrive. With the other kids to care for, this premie wasn't going to have my undivided attention like my first one had. Of course, everyone is different and having had a difficult premie prior to Henry probably shaped my feelings on the matter, but I thought it might help hearing what my feelings were on going through the experience twice.

I'm thinking of you and praying often.

Hi! I'm a friend of a friend of a friend (how's that for a few degrees of separation). We recently had a NICU baby (a 4 week stay), and although she wasn't a preemie, I can soooo relate to several of your struggles. Nursing, good nurses, going home without my baby...those are all real struggles. Please be assured of my prayers for you and those beautiful baby boys!

Congratulations! Your babies are beautiful. You all are in my prayers.

A little pumping advice from another over producer:
either get some larger medela bottles at the store, or some doctor browns 4 oz bottles, and then decant into the two ounce bottles. I'm so surprised they don't have the 4 oz ones!
I know it's hard to see, but they are doing GREAT! The feeding issues will improve--its their wee brain stems that need to mature, and once they do, they'll be off and running.

I'd second the skin to skin idea. Kangaroo care where the mom keeps the baby right next to her chest and they can nurse intermittently can actually improve their nursing, at least if you're allowed to do that. I know that hospital protocols vary and the actual needs of infants vary as well. However, the more sts you can do the better. Have you had an IBCLC to talk with since your boys were born (that's a board certified lactation consultant)? Some hospitals have them on staff, others make do with "lactation counselors." Lactation counselors can be ok in routine situations, but they don't have the training that an IBCLC does in special situations. If you haven't had contact with an IBCLC it might be worthwhile getting in touch with one. She might be able to give you some suggestions, especially about how to work around hospital schedules etc. as far as feeding is concerned. You're doing a fantastic job. These are tough weeks, and I'm sure you can't wait until they're behind you and you've got those little guys home with the rest of the family.

Oh, congratulations!
I had a 'pink' boy and a 'yellow' boy with my little twins. :)
It actually helped later on when I was going through photo albums trying to remember who was who!
Enjoy the start of this twin journey. It is amazing. Six years later I look at my identical boys' faces and STILL can't believe I was given this blessing.

Praying for all of you. And the babies are gorgeous!

Wow... Linus and Ambrose are perfectly angels sent from heaven to you blessed couple. Honestly, you're making me insecure. Hahaha... I just wish I can kiss their pinkish cheeks.

Hi Arwen, you and your babies are in my prayers. I can imagine some of what you are going through. On Monday my baby boy, Maximilian, had surgery on his head because one of his soft spots had closed. We're home now. Hopefully,soon yours will be too. Blessings, Lori Hadacek Chaplin

Many prayers with you, Bryan, the big kiddies, and the beautiful new baby boys. =)

thank you so much for sharing all of that with all of us,'ve performed a great service for us mothers (& grandmothers), who have never been *newborn deprived*, as you describe so well. The closest i came to that was following Miriam's birth in 12/59, I went into pneumonia. They wouldn't allow me to nurse her, & I must have been too ill to feel the loss you describe; miracle was that I did not lose my milk, so resumed nursing as soon as we could both go home. Prayers being offered daily& nightly for all of you, lovely Mosher family! xoxoxo

Giving birth to a twin is a very crucial responsibility for the mother because it is like 50% of you life is on grave and 50% is to live. But after you've surpassed that stage, the result is very worth sacrificing.

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