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Friday, March 04, 2011


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We moved Elizabeth into BG3.0s at one month old and she immediately fit them perfectly. (And I never tried them younger, they may have fit much sooner?) She was a chunky baby, and if I remember right, Blaise was also quick to plump up? Twins are likely to be a little bit smaller, but maybe you won't have to wait that long for the one-size diapers to fit?

And I don't know anything, but it seems like it might be possible to borrow newborn sized diapers from someone? Especially since I don't imagine any baby wears them very long.

Disclaimer: I never cloth-diapered.

I can see both sides of what to do about the first couple of months.

One side says, bringing home twins and doubling your brood size will be a big enough adjustment that disposables could make the early days a little easier, so the cost might be worth it...especially if you had coupons or bought in bulk. It would let you just go to the bigger size at 2 months or so.

The other side says, if you invest in the newborn size for twins, then you'll have a monster stash should you be expecting #5 someday.

Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if you could just use a diaper service for the twins for the first 2 months. It would be the best of both worlds (cloth and convenience) and give you a little less workload in the early days. Of course it's moot if your town doesn't have a service, but I know a lady at work who just raved about the one she used.

When Jonas was a newborn I loved Kissaluvs contour diapers And regular prefolds with Thirsties covers! The prefolds were way more absorbent than he needed, and great! The contours were also great, but were just absorbent enough. I liked how thin they were compared to a prefold. I never used a snappi with him until his poops got bigger, I just tri-folded a prefold and placed it in the cover. Super easy.

P.S. It's really charitable of you to call the potty-training advice well-meaning! And awesome that you had much better advice to rely on.

On potty training - I completely agree. It's so not worth it to try to train a kiddo who isn't ready/doesn't want to be trained. I spent a year cleaning messes and underpants with Gui and I swore afterwards that I would never do that again. Pascal is 37 months and I've been gently nudging him to train with books and suchlike, and he occasionally likes to sit on the big toilet like everyone else, but is still mostly resistant. At some point when the weather is nice I might try some backyard pants-less training to see if I can 'catch' a few successes, but I am not ready to remove diapers until he has a good track record!

I haven't cd-ed a newborn yet, but I am researching! I use trifolded prefolds with covers now - no pins or snappies. But, with a newborn and the runny poo, snappies are nice to keep the covers clean. I am thinking about going with flats actually because they are thinner and about as easy. As for covers, I am still up in the air on those. Thinking about Thirsties and Rumparooz right now...

Hi, Arwen! Wonderful to hear an update and SO glad things are going well. Also, love that you call her "Happy Chatty Doctor". :)

Totally agree with you re: potty training. M refused to wear diapers around 26-27 mos (she wanted to wear underpants like an older girl she knew) but wasn't really ready. So many accidents and way more work than her brothers who trained around 3 yrs.

Re: prefolds-- I loved them. We had a service so I don't have washing tips, but I think it's easy. As far as use goes, we did fine with just the diapers and basic velcro covers. I had a couple of snappis (some people swear by them) but it always seemed like an unnecessary extra step to me. My babies gained weight fast (and started big), so we were out of the small covers (9-14 lbs) in about a month, maybe even less. We didn't use the newborn size at all. The mediums (13-25 lbs) lasted past a year though! I bought the prorap classic covers (and I think I still have them if you want to borrow!); they are boring but were fairly inexpensive and worked well.

You could also consider using a diaper service for a few weeks before switching to washing your own. You might even be able to skip buying the smallest size diapers and covers that way. And, you could see if you like using pre-folds before making a big purchase.

So thrilled and excited for you. Continued prayers for you and the babies! :)

I had bumGenius 3.0s and 4.0s ready to go but was unsure if we would use them right away, because they are recommended for 7+ pounds, but then Josephine had diarrhea for the first month, and I wasn't interested in cleaning 20 poopy cloth diapers a day, so we used up all the diapers we got at the shower and then switched over to the cloth when she got better, but they fit really well, so I think they would be totally fine for a baby under 7 lbs., and they come with a newborn insert, so I say it is worth a try. But maybe some people will read your blog and send you disposables to use for the first month! Ha!

And I TOTALLY agree on the potty training. Come on, changing diapers is easier than cleaning up messes all over the house and trying to have a battle of the wills with a toddler.

Of course I know NOTHING about potty training but I have to agree with you - I think diapering must be easier than a partially potty trained kid. When is it wrong to go with your instincts? Never.

as nice as it would be to have only the two littles in diapers I have to agree with your grandmother "it's easier to have three in diapers than a toddler who's not completely potty trained"

re: diapers

diaper service would be the absolutely best. our BGs didn't fit our 7lb10oz newborn for a good 4-5 weeks, so you'll need something to cover the gap.

prefolds and covers - easy as pie, no lie (as long as you're already doing wash). one or two snappis to feel comfortable with, but really, i just use the cover to hold them in place.

i would recommend 2dozen infant prefolds per baby, that will give you wash every 1.5-2 days. Prowrap covers are best for newborn, newborns, because they have an umbilical scoop in the newborn size:

i'm pretty sure they're dirt cheap. they're kinda blah i guess (plain white), but you just need them to hold you over, so its not so bad :)

also, i would recommend wool above all else because they breathe well and seriously, we have never had leaks with them (PUL leaked all the time). my fav smalls are from this etsy shop:

they were only $12 or so a piece and i think you need 3-4(max) per baby. i really would underestimate on the covers because it seems like you always end up with way more than you need. and hey, they come quick from online if you need more!

as for potty training - i couldn't agree with you more. and, i also think, that when people who don't currently have little ones make those kinds of remarks, they are actually FORGETTING what kids that age are REALLY like (and not how they "should" act in their heads)

If you decide to go cloth I think prefolds are the way to go. With runny newborn poo you don't want a questionable fit (BGs on a little babe). I personally prefer thristies covers. They are generously sized so they fit for a long time yet get plenty small too. I always used snappis. You might even consider a few larger sized prefolds so you can practice on Blaise now, feeling the wetness might just nudge him on the potty training too). My prefolding has gotten so much better over the last 2 years that I think it will be much easier with a newborn this time. Also with small stuff gently used online can be a good deal because many people don't use them long.

I wrote a crazy-long email re:prefolds but just read the comments and thought of a few other things.

First, anyone buy from Green Mountain Diapers here? Their sizing looks smarter than the standard preemie/infant/premium/toddler and I've heard good things.

As for covers, I didn't like Proraps when my oldest was a newborn. They were really stiff or something. Bummis super whisper wraps were better, at least with newborn and small size, but Thirsties seem better than either of those. I also like MotherEase AirFlow covers for 10 lbs+ -- they're super-trim, but you can't tri-fold prefolds into them because they aren't velcro. If your kid is a velcro-remover, they'd be great, though.

I used wool used exclusively with my second but just haven't much with baby #3. I'm not sure why. I probably will again once he's crawling/walking and pooping less often. Liquid poop isn't so fun to get out of wool, but solid tends to stay in place better. Wool with twin newborns seems like too much work to me.

I can totally see the beauty in a diaper service in your situation -- you could get the quantity you needed without the startup costs, and you could quit when the BG started to fit. You could get some infant/premium prefolds to avoid buying 3 kids' worth of BG.

Since others also recommended diaper services, I thought I'd let you know that I used this one:

They are... okay. We had some issues and I know other people who were very unhappy with them. Probably they would be fine for just a month or two. They have been the only game in town for ages, but I just heard about this newer one:

I don't know anyone who has used them, but it looks worth checking out. A diaper service is also a great gift idea, since it can get pricey!

I'm glad the boys are still doing well! I can't believe you're this far along (am also anxious for their safe arrival and of course to find out their names :)).

I'd vote for a diaper service for a few months if you can get a good one. Two newborns are enough without having to worry about diaper laundry! And yes, I think you're completely right about the potty training - Daniel was in that sort-of half-trained state for a few months and oh dear God did it suck. Don't do it with two babies in the house - you'll have enough laundry as it is.

I have cloth diapered both of my girls from a few days old. I definitely think prefolds and covers are the easiest & cheapest option. I tried a variety of fitteds and even some all-in-ones and with the 2nd child I ended up buying a bunch of prefolds.

you may be able to find some on craigslist for cheap, I got a bunch from there and they were barely used. I think the lady only tried them once or something.

I like Thirsties covers the best, but I haven't tried all of the other ones. I would say the number of covers totally depending on your kids pooping ability. The poop doesn't always stay in the prefold since there is no elastic, so often the covers get dirty with a poop. My first daughter pooped everytime she nursed, so that would mean a lot more dirty covers. My second daughter didn't poop nearly as often, so covers stayed clean a lot longer.

Snappis can be used. I used them because it seemed like my daughter was getting a rash from the PUL in the covers touching her delicate skin (the prefold tends to move around a bit and sometimes bunch and so the PUL was touching her private parts). You really only need probably 2 or 3 snappis a kid.

Just a warning, you will be doing diaper laundry a lot. I found that if I didn't wash every 36 hours with 2 diapers that I just had too many diapers and they weren't getting clean. I would expect to be doing diaper laundry every single day.

Good luck!

I have a ton of BG 4.0 but I didn't use them for my baby until she was a bit older. We used disposables for the first five or six weeks? I started with small itti bitti delish - they are adorable! - can you get them there? They fitted great and I think I have a mixture of snap-ins and all in ones. We have 12 of them - enough for one baby washing every two days. I went to B.G after that.

I was reading about a mother of ten who potty trained some of hers at two, and some at three and a half. She said each of hers was different and there was no point starting until they are ready.

Go with the flow! (so to speak.)

I'm with you on potty-training. The stress of a child who isn't ready to potty-train and is having multiple accidents a day is tremendous. I'd SO rather have one in diapers.

Totally agree about the potty training! You don't need that stress right now; the pregnancy should be your first priority. And you're going to have your hands full once the babies are born. If Blaise did successfully potty train, even if he was fully potty trained, chances are that he would regress after their birth. Who wants to deal with that? He's not going to go to college in diapers. It will happen eventually.

Hi Arwen, you have lots of detailed advice above so I'll keep mine short! David's wife Renee uses prefolds & covers (she like Thirsties covers best) on their 4-month-old & started when the baby was a month old. Like you, I have only used BG 3.0s. I just decided I'm not up for the extra step of folding the dipe around baby & then adding snappi & cover, so we are going to use disposables for the first month (got some @ baby shower anyway) and then try to start with the 3.0s. I also bought a couple Thirsties Duo diapers to try for the in-between time. They are 2 sizes birth to potty trained, so a bit smaller than the BGs.

On potty training-- totally agree! Elena was "half trained" from 2 to 2.5. Miserable. Then she finally decided she wanted to wear underwear, & literally in one day PT'd herself. Beautiful! I am forever in the motherhood camp of, "When they're ready, they're ready." Blessings on you!

BTW-- I saw "7" in your blog title & I thought "Good heavens, is she having TRIPLETS?!" ;)

On potty training-- I think it's just one of those things that depends on the parent. Yes, a kid can be trained earlier, it's totally possible with enough determination and technique. But if a parent would rather wait until it's easy, then that's fine, too. Either method probably doesn't harm or benefit the child in the long-run, it's all about the parent. It's kind of like learning to read-- a 5yo may be taught even when he's not really ready, but it will come a lot easier when he's 8 or 9 and be a lot less work and hassle. (I guess that analogy falls apart, however, in that forcing reading early may ruin a kid on it for life...)

On diapering-- I've never bothered to CD a newborn, either. Just can't see investing in a special diaper size that they're going to wear so short a time. And besides that, I'm pretty lazy in those first months. Newborns are a lot of work as it is. However, now i am also facing the predicament of having and older baby in diapers anyway (with really NO possibility of potty training). My baby will be 15 months old when the new baby is born (yikes!), so maybe CD with a newborn wouldn't be a bid deal. Haven't decided...

On prefolds-- I LOVE them. I've just never felt the need to go with a fancy system when prefolds and covers (I love Bummis) work so well and are the cheapest option. I don't even use Snappis, I just don't need them. I'm starting to see a downside where a one-size system would be great. I have small and medium prefolds and covers, and this fall, I'll have a baby in each. Aiee. It would definitely be easier to have them both wearing the same diapers...

Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you!

rosie_kate, I think you're a genius.

I get a little cranky when people say it's impossible to PT young, bc (a) I've done it, and (b) what on earth do people think was happening in the thousands if years before disposables/good cloth diapers were invented?

That said, after PT 2 kids my feeling is that if you want it done early, you have to go early enough that they are more like babies than kids, a sort of elimination communication-ish style. If you are at the stage where they can say no, then yes, you need to wait until they're ready.

Also, it IS a lot of work to keep up with a newly-PT kid and NO WAY would I want to be dealing with that with 2 newborns, plus newly-PT kids often regress when new siblings are born, so it doesn't really make sense to try and PT before the babies are born.

You've got tons of great advice about prefolds. I second Green Mountain Diapers prefolds. They are excellent! And you can get itty bitty sizes. I like to fold and snappi, it doesn't take long. Get plenty of covers because the poop will leak onto them (though rarely out of them) and washing is super easy. No stripping, no fussing.

I agree with rosie kate about potty training. You can do it earlier but you certainly don't have to. The average age for potty train was 18 months old a generation or two ago. However it is more work. I think that back when people trained their kids earlier it was easier to do that than it was to continue washing diapers with less powerful washing machines -- or no washing machine at all. My host mom in Norway remembers stirring boiling pots of diapers. You can bet it was easier to get those kids trained pronto.

Today it is so different. You know it will be harder on you to train Blaise and it's not like we win awards for potty training early :) Even if you did take the time and energy to do it now he'd just regress when the twins come anyway.

Must run -- hungry family needs breakfast. Sorry for typos!

If it is feasible, I think a diaper service for a month or two sounds like a GREAT idea! We used borrowed prefolds until I converted to BG OS 4.0s around 2 months but having come off disposables with my first, I could never really get the hang of the prefolds and only used them part-time anyway. The BGs--which we now use full-time--seemed like absolute heaven in comparison!

Totally agree about potty training. I got a lot of pressure from my in-laws when my first daughter was approaching 2.5. She expressed interest kind of early so we tried on and off but once the novelty wore off she was completely happy to pee (and poop!) in her underwear. We didn't push super hard b/c she was so clearly not ready but nonetheless it was frustrating to us (I think she was a little more oblivious). Finally after her sister was born and she was two weeks beyond three, she announced that she would only wear underwear. I completely blew her off (was not going to go down that road again with a new baby in tow) but my husband, who had temporarily taken over dressing her, started sending her to preschool in undies and voila! done. It was just as everybody had told me--it will click when she's ready. I heard once "start potty training at 2, end at 3. Start 3, end at 3." Definitely true in our case!

PS: is having a big clearance sale on the one-size 3.0 AIO diapers ($10 vs $16). Could you snag several in the small size? Unfortunately, the newborn (XS) size aren't on sale but they are a little cheaper than the regular ones ($12 or $13).

I'll throw in my two-cents and say that Thirsties covers are worth every penny! I think we only had one blow-out, and that was because my husband didn't snap it tight enough. We always use snappis with the prefolds, though.

I would a thousand times rather have a kid in diapers than a partially-trained kid out of them. Bleargh.

As for CDing a newborn, we didn't switch until the stump fell off because I didn't want to deal, but then we just used size small FuzziBunz and the BGOSs. At least I *think* we used the BGOSs. I know we have a bunch of size small FBs from when I bought diapers for Jack (so they're probably better now) and they're good for a newborn, but I'm pretty sure Nora was ready to wear the BGs right away. If I were you, I'd buy a bunch of prefolds in a range of sizes and get them floofed up in the dryer. They're good to have anyway. And then a diaper cover or two wouldn't be amiss. Take your other commenters' advice on covers, but FWIW I've used the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap and liked it, and I've used a brand-name-forgotten Pro Wrap and HATED IT. It was cheap, but useless. And get some snappis. They're cheap, so if you don't use them it's no big deal.

Ha! Camilla is hilarious. You should listen to her; the kid clearly knows her stuff. :o) And when it comes time for an extra cookie, she'd probably be more than happy to remind you of that fact.

I completely agree with your post on Facebook. I'm still baffled why people always find other excuses for the dissolution of their relationships. No one ever really wants to own up to their own responsibility in the matter, but I guess avoiding the truth was sort of what got them in the position in the first place... really, though, I have difficulty understanding how it could even help you get there in the first place. What exactly do those people use Facebook for? I mostly use it to contact people about get-togethers or to look up contact information, birthdays, &c. Plus, it provides an easy platform for looking at pictures of my nieces. I guess I'm not exactly in the mindset of trying to find a fling. I'm clueless on this.

I don't have any advice as the Montessoris pretty much potty trained Claire, I still experience DEBILITATING heartburn and nausea every day and, as you know, I am a cloth diapering newbie, but I was wondering the other day if you'd picked names yet?

Because Miriel will be here in two weeks (!!!) and that is so totally the first thing I am going to grill her on.

I'm so excited that everyone's babies will be here soon! It is going to be the best summer.

I recommend DiaperRite prefolds, which are Indian cotton and are cut wider and shorter than Chinese prefolds, and fit better in the most popular covers (no need to fold over at the top, although I don't know about newborn sizes). I have both Bummis Super Whiper Wrap and Thirsties Duo Wrap covers. I like the Thirsties for being thinner and less bulky, but I don't like the snaps. The Bummis are bulkier - probably too stiff for newborns - but they fit better due to the velcro tabs. So I would recommend Thirsties covers with velcro, not snaps.

I am a huge fan of the Snappi - I have never been able to keep a prefold snug enough without one, and I don't have enough covers to let my daughter poop on all of them. And with the Snappi, you really only need one, especially if you'll only be using prefolds for a few months (the rubber stretches out over time, so you need to replace them eventually). It comes off the old diaper and goes right back onto the new, and thus is almost impossible to lose.

I also recommend, with prefolds, making sure you don't just order them before the babies come, but wash and strip them too. Mine arrived when my daughter was a month or so old - and then it took me two weeks to wash them because I could barely find time to feed myself much less do a load of diapers. We have very hard water, and it took eight or so full cycles before the commercial, chemical smell came out (I tried using them after three cycles and the baby got a nasty rash).

All that said, I know many people who swear by Kissaluvs contours for newborns - just looking at them, they seem both softer and like they'd be the best likely to fit scrawny newborn thighs :)

Arwen, on F&F today there's a thread about cloth diapering (on the homemaking post). You might want to check it out. It's not specifically about cloth diapering for newborns, but I think it touches on it.

When we were having twins we actually calculated the cost of two in diapers and it came out equal, disposables to cloth, once you factor in the price of the diapers, price for water, wear on the washer, detergent, etc... was I missing something?

We may have two babies under a year soon so I'm wondering if I did miss something!

I agree with Carla Hinkle. I also get cranky when people say that you cannot PT a child who is not ready. I taught autistic preschoolers for three years and PTed many children who were not "ready".

On the other hand, I also agree that the threat of regression is a very real issue and not one you need to deal with when you have two newborns!!! Also, PTing is a lot of work, and I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to deal with that when I am pregnant and feel like death.

So, I think you are smart to wait, and would definitely do the same if I was in your shoes.

Wow, you've got a lot of awesome advice on cloth diapering newborns. I've never used cloth diapers, so I am in no position to give advice, but I will anyway! I've always thought cloth diapers made a LOT of sense for older kids, but that buying newborn-sized ones isn't really worth it when you figure in how little time you'll have to wash (especially with twins). I know you'll be doing diaper laundry anyway, but diapers for three kids seems like a LOT more than diapers for one. Plus, with coupons, disposables for a couple months won't cost that much. And I'm totally planning on sending you a HUGE box, so plan on having a couple weeks of disposables already covered:)

I know nothing of cloth diapers - I do know lots about diapering twins though! Good luck with whatever route you decide upon.
My thoughts on PTing children - I'm currently begging my 3 year old at least sit on the toilet. Kids will do it best when they are ready. I had my twins first and they were 2 years 6 months when I had their little sister. One decided the day we came home from the hospital to give up diapers. That lasted about a day and then neither one was trained for another 6+ months. That little sister didn't potty train until she was almost 4. However, she was done with training in one day. Fully trained both day and night. One morning she woke up and said she was done with diapers, and she was. My fourth little one wants nothing to do with the toilet at 3 years 3 months. She has no interest in even sitting on it. We are going to Ireland this summer and it would be great if we didn't have to bring diapers with us. However, I don't push. I suggest but I know from experience that potty training a child who isn't ready is a lesson in futility. I've got enough of that in so many other areas of my life that ifI have to change diapers for a few months longer, I know that it means I'll be cleaning up fewer accidents.

My mom waited until her kids were ready, and this was waaay back when no one did that. Or rather, she did that for my brothers and my sister. I'm the youngest, and she trained me because we were going to be moving to the other side of the world and she didn't want to haul diapers along.
But she did it for a significant reason (can I call it potty-training for grave reasons?), and I was the youngest. If she'd been taking care of newborn twins, or even a single newborn twin, she'd have surrendered to the diapers, because when you push potty training, I think you end of doing a lot of "Do you have to go to the potty now? How about now? Just try while I count to ten," which is not something I want to spend my time on.

"single newborn." Ugh.

What is the sound of a single newborn twin needing a diaper change?

So true, Slim. My three year old has been potty trained for two months now, and I still remind him and make him use the potty at certain intervals. He's dry 24/7 with few accidents, but wouldn't be if I didn't take an active role (don't get me wrong, he does tell me when he has to go, but if he's drinking a lot, I don't take my chances). If I had other children, I would let them potty train themselves whenever they want to. The only reason I'm willing to invest this much effort with my son is that he's my only one, so I have the time to do it.

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