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Monday, March 21, 2011


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Oh wow does this sound familiar with my third pregnancy (which was not a twin one but really caused me a lot of grief the first two did not--namely, BH contractions constantly). Praying for good results at your visit this week. I've been reading a lot of your archives and wow, those first couple of years sound very familiar as I also struggled with infertility before our first who was a little girl born in 2006...makes all these struggles we go through in pregnancy seem small when I reflect on it. I also sent a prayer journal entry from 2005 to a good friend who is at a serious crossroads in life and is having a very difficult time of it, thank you for having the words to share with her when I could not find them! God Bless you all!

Maybe try increasing your calcium and magnesium intake. Make sure to use a highly-absorbable chelated form, ideally in a 1:1 ratio. Often that will help with the BHs, and you pretty much can't take enough of that stuff at this point!

And you know I can be packed and down there in <3 hours if needed.....

Hoping for you to be really successful at "resting hard". I love that expression!

Oh and we're gonna need a belly pic. KTHXBAI

Praying for all of you guys - I wish I could donate some sleep for you!

I really, really hope you are right.

And I agree with a previous commenter that WE NEED A BELLY PHOTO, WOMAN.

Hoping for the contractions to stop, for you to be able to let it be and rest (and stop feeling guilty - you're baking TWO babies, that's a lot of work!), and for a good report at the doctor's.

I hope you don't need to be more bedrest-y, but also hope that the twins can stay inside until term/near term.

(and resting hard is HARD work, I know, but rest...)

have you got names yet? not to share, I know you wait, but I'm curious. I keep thinking of "pair" type names from LOTR: Boromir and Faramir for example... I love twin names and can't wait to see what you've decided on (wait, I CAN wait - until term/near term!).

I'm hoping you're right too! If not, please let me know what I can do to help. And I'm sure the contractions are tiring, even if they aren't changing your cervix. Call if you need anything!

Oh, and another vote for belly photos! :)

Arwen, I hope it isn't rude to ask something completely off-topic, but...quite a while back you mentioned a young adult book that you read at least once a year (around Christmas, maybe?). At the time I made note of the title and checked it out from my library, and I *loved* it. It popped into my head the other day and I thought I'd check it out, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember the title.

Can you help? :)

And my belated congratulations on those precious babies you're expecting. I love your updates!

(Oops, that should've read "thought I'd check it out again." I hate when I do that!)

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