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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


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I think that terrifies me the most about twins. There are TWO of them. And I typically don't do well with a newborn on a schedule, but I know I would feel the pressure of having one for my own sanity (and possibly sleep) with twins. I am not pregnant now and twins don't run in our family, but you just never know. Having two good friends having had fraternal twins (which did not run in their families either...they have to start somewhere)in the last two years, I have watched how mothers and fathers can become super-human and find ways to do what very likely seemed impossible long before conception occurred. If God were ever to bless our family with twins, (deep breath, exhale) I would cling to the knowledge that He does not give us more than we can handle! God Bless you!

such lovely words! Thank you so much for sharing :)

I once told my mother "I think I wouldn't mind having twins" and she told me (in a good-nature sort of way), "Oh, you weren't thinking, then."

But I still think I wouldn't mind. So excited to see how things go for your beautiful family!

I am personally terrified of twins. But, I am very excited that YOU are going to have twins. Because I am sure that you can do it and do it without losing your mind. :)

I know that they are identical, but seeing that identical profile? wow.

I think it will be okay. You will probably parent them the same way you have been doing - taking care of the babies, just with a few adjustments.

Continuing to pray for term or near term healthy take-home babies.


Whenever people (mostly young people who've never had children and are years away from doing so) say, "Twins would be so fun!" I pretty much shriek at them "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"


In theory, it's cute.

In practice? It's terrifying.

My dad is a twin, which I know twins are generally not thought to run in families, but it still SCARES ME.

I'm very much a give-him-what-he-needs kind of parent, so parenting two this way would be tiring. BUT God has given you a super involved husband, so YAY. :) You guys will do so well and I can't wait to see it all unfold!

I love your perspective, Arwen. You will certainly encounter new challenges and joys, but you will find what works and do a great job.

We have a lot of family and friends with twins and I've noticed that one thing about identical twins is that the babies seemed to exhibit variations around similar themes. Like, they'll probably both have reflux, or both not. Both like to be rocked to sleep, or both not. Have similar growth curves, developmental stages, etc. Not that things will be exactly the same, but what works for one of your babies may very well work for the other one too. More so than if they were fraternal twins, I think. (Based on my, you know, completely unscientific observations.) :)

Oh, and I LOVE that you're writing here again! I hope it's as helpful for you as it is enjoyable for us.

Such a great post. You are going to do wonderfully.

I have 4 week old twins and I felt the same, totally unprepared to take care of 2 babies. But you learn quickly on the job. I just wish I could grow another pair of arms. :-)

There are now private companies which provide cheap 4D ultrasound scans which you can book to complement your existing prenatal healthcare. It is often helpful to take the pictures along with you when you meet with your physician, if you choose to document your pregnancy in this method, which is growing in popularity.

I love how Camilla and Blaise look so much alike in their newborn pictures, except C is so clearly a little girl and B is so clearly a little boy.

Also, I got chills when I read, "Except then our third child decided, between four and eight days after he was conceived, to split and become two children."

Imagine that! Two totally identical humans. It's going to be so fun! :-)

By the way, I think you had written a previous blog wondering about vaginal birth with twins. It worked for me. The first baby was head down and delivered easily, Baby 2 was transverse but the doctor was able to pull her out breach. Good luck!

The first thing to do is forget everything you learned with your singletons. It won't be the same and the expectations you may have will not be spot on - at all. Then keep this in mind - let the babies lead and you'll be fine. If you are the kind of person who likes a schedule (and with 4 kids, you may end up liking one!) then set it (by the waking/feeding times of the twins) and you'll all be happy (ok, happy-ish.) Try something out (like waking one when the other is finishing up feeding/nursing) to see if that works for you, and if it doesn't, don't do it again. I personally hated the "one up, one down" times/days and always tried to have them up simultaneously instead. It will all be a matter of your preference and the personality of the kids.
I promise that it all works out. After all, I had twins and then ended up having 2 more kids - it couldn't have been all that bad or I never would've had more!

It's amazing seeing their profiles being almost identical. Of course you'd expect that with identical twins but it's still amazing to actually see it in those scan pictures :)

They are absolutely gorgeous, well done to you and your hubby!

What great sharing. There is a family at our church that had twin boys after many painful years of struggle to conceive again. The joy turned into exhaustion for the first couple of weeks, but now there is no replacing the smiles on their faces.

Enjoy and prayers for healthy, happy babies!

Beautifully written. You'll do an amazing job, like you always have done, and one day, you'll be able to help other Mums expecting twins. Good luck!

Brought tears to my eyes, remembering when Jules was expecting her twins. You describe it beautifully.

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