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Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Oh wow, that's a lot. Um, congratulations on having what is apparently a golden cervix? But I can see how the situation would make you a little crazy at the same time. I'm awful on the phone these days because I'm always having to stop and tell some short person to stop climbing the bookshelves, getting into the freezer, summoning the Dark Ones (oh wait, shouldn't have said that :)) but I would be happy to shower you with some entertaining mail if that would help!

Get help and get bedrest. I've been through it with two of my four pregnancies. Don't fret about the house, get help.

I had a pre-term baby (32 weeks) and it was NO fun. Not for me and much less for her.

I started reading your blog a long, long time ago. I'm very happy how your life developed into just what you dreamed it would be - and now I"m worried for you.

Camilla and Blaise will understand. It's a family emergency and children deal well with them. You must get help, and you must stay on that sofa. Please.

You have every right to allow yourself a good cry. That being said, what needs to be done will get done, and what doesn't, isn't that important. Easy to say, and harder to put into practice, I know. Hang in there. Prayers being said for you, the babies and your beautiful family.

Been a follower of your blog for a month o so! I'm glad to hear the babies are doing great and your cervix would be prime on the black market! ;)

I laughed when you said you cried lying in bed thinking that the house was a mess. I cry while I'm cleaning the house thinking I want to be in bed! :) I'm just lazy though!

Take care of those babies...I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Oh, very frustrating! Is there any room in the budget for someone to come clean? I ask this knowing that when it was me, I was (1) totally able to come up with this genius idea on my own and (2) unwilling for several reasons to implement it.

I am your phone buddy! I will call you! My niece is coming over to babysit today (in age range in my family, she is the Camilla, so some day your Camilla will be babysitting Brandon's hypothetical kids - does that blow your mind?) so I can do errands and work, but I have to have her back to her dorm (!) by 4. All this means that I can't make the dinner I had planned when I forgot she was coming, so I am *forced* to order pizza and will therefore have plenty of time to call you.

That was a very long explanation, but we will talk later. On the phone!

You can always call me! I'm home alone with these kids all day and night for the week, adult conversation is always welcome. Email me if you want my number ;) I know that is rough, I remember with Will between sciatica and BH I was off my feet a lot which was super frustrating with two toddlers destroying my house. I will say, from what you've said here, I am very impressed with your Maternal Fetal Medicine practice. The only one in my area (that I have to see every pregnancy boo) will not deliver, does not do exams and only really does the ultrasounds. :( She's nice enough, but not the same at all.

Oh, that IS rough. Sorry to hear it (but yay for no preterm labor). Do you have a spare sister to come keep you company and occupy the kids for a few hours per week?

There's a site for ladies in waiting like yourself, You might be able to find plenty of chat buddies there! They also have a lot of great ideas on ways that people can help you.

I'm very sorry for the anxiety this is causing you, and hope you can get through the next few weeks as easily as possible.

I had similar restrictions with #8. It was blood pressure problems for me. He knew that bed rest out of the hospital was pretty much an impossibility so my directions were "more down than up".

BTW, if your cervix shortens or the babies do come a little early don't beat yourself up. No, "If only I hadn't made those cupcakes!"
Whether or not bed rest actually helps prevent pre-term labor is a pretty hot debate in the obstetric world.

I'm certainly not telling you to ignore your doctor. No way. Just a little heads up to alleviate some possible momma guilt.

Good luck with the resting! It sounds like it's time to get book recommendations :)

:( Boo.

I mean, yay, babies are healthy and all! But I can't imagine how hard it would be to be on any sort of activity restriction while pregnant. I was super active, right up till the end. And I didn't even have the pratical aspect of other children to care for - I just go stir-crazy if I sit around too much!

But, you're sort of offering up your body for your a very tangible way. There's gotta be some Lenten connection there, right? ;)

First- I'm praying for little Sage and Kellan. (A and B sounds soooo impersonal, right? So I made up Blog Baby Prayer Names)

Second, I'm praying for YOU. I know you're a do-er, a giver, an organizer...and everything else that goes against bedrest.

Third...I am also on modified bedrest but not nearly for anything as fun as twin babies. Still, I too have a smartphone and tons of time. Feel free to email if you want my number...we can be Wordy Friends, just chat, etc. I would LOVE to pick your brain about some social and political issues.

When in horizontal, my friend.

Love & prayers,

I would LOVE to be your phone buddy. I can sympathize somewhat, too, as my irritable uterus kept me resting for the last 8 or so weeks with Veronica.

I am so happy that the twins are growing and healthy! Poor St. Gerard has been hearing from me a lot lately with so many IRL and online friends expecting!

Take care Arwen....lying down is tough when you're an active person but it's not forever. You can do it!

splurge and pay someone to come clean your house! =)

and about diaper bags, i don't actually OWN any of these bags, but I have bag envy of almost every bag they make...there's a "sell it yourself" business called "31 Gifts" (it's the bag version of tupperware or pampered chef). they have ALL kinds of WONDERFUL bags. just google 31 gifts and you'll see all the choices they have.

OH, I wish I could just show up at your house, sweep the kids off for a good, healthy tiring out at the park, bring them home and feed them lunch, load the dishwasher, and stock your kitchen with sort-of-bed-rest cupcakes!
But then again, you don't really know me, so you'd be on the phone with the cops, all SOMEONE STOLE MY CHILDREN and that wouldn't be good. Also stressful. *sigh*
You're all in my prayers.
When are you due, again?

That's great news about the twins! You're doing such an awesome job taking care of them! It's not easy, obviously. I'll add you to our list of pregnant ladies to pray for.

Arwen, I know how you feel. I'm not on bedrest; but even though I'm five weeks postpartum, I'm still activity restricted. When I start to do too much I start bleeding again and I know I'm overdoing it. So I can make the kids lunch and then I have to sit down. I can't do much cleaning. No vacuuming. Which is driving me absolutely nuts. So if you want to chat feel free to give me a call. If you don't have my number anymore, drop me an email. I think I lost your number when I switched phones.

I'll be your phone buddy. :-) I happen to have an over-anxious cervix and was on modified bed rest with baby number two for about three weeks and strict bed rest for baby number three for a month. It drove a Type-Aer like me absolutely mad and it was hard on the younger kids, but delivering healthy babies was worth it. I also think bedrest was God's way of telling me to take a chill pill with each pregnancy. We'll see how this one goes.

Praying for you and your precious duet, dear Arwen.

Your last few posts are a really good reminder to me to take it easy and take the B-H contractions seriously as well. I've been blase about them, but reading your post makes me think I should probably give my doc a call before my next regular appt (since I too can have 8 in an hour, easy!). Thanks for a wise reality check.

I love the perspective it came to in the end. I was one of those preterm labors on full-time bed rest for a month. Looking back it wasn't so bad. My husband got me a great body pillow to get comfortable and I had lots of good phone buddies. Good luck!

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