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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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I really liked reading this. So often posts on the internet are complaining instead.

Hee. I love number 5. PJs are the best.

My husband and I married young as well (though not as young as you - we were both 23) and have now been married 25 years. We have found that it really helps to share so much common history and you really can grow together. Thanks for a beautiful post!

I love this list. #7 is true for my husband and me as well, and I am also so grateful!

I especially love #5. I am the same way. In fact, it sounds like in our marriage I am Bryan and Jeff is Arwen ;). #9 made me tear up too!

Awww! Bryan sounds remarkably like T. They will either get along famously or not talk. :)

Can I bring you guys dinner on Monday? Would love to!

Dave's the funny introvert in our relationship, too!

What a wonderful list. It's fun reading over all the lists (mine is over at Hallie's, too) and seeing God's hand in so many loving relationships.

#1: Wow. You might have to get Bryan to tell his conversion story sometime.

A beautiful list! #1 resonated strongly for me, as my husband was agnostic when we first started dating (we were 17) and I had a lot of spiritual maturing to do myself (still do, of course). Through God's grace, he is now a faithful Christian, and although he is not a Catholic at this point in time, he is very supportive of my faith and of raising our children Catholic.

Great post. Thanks for giving us a peak into your world. I love reading your posts here and at F&F. I have two kids, a bit younger than yours. I like how you approach parenting, it seems similar to ours. Your list made me smile, because I was Protestant and my husband was Catholic when we met. God is good!

Fun to read! Now I want to know your conversion story!

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