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Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Oh my goodness, congratulations! Yes, it has been a while since the early days, hasn't it - I wonder what our past selves would say if they could have gotten a preview of life now. And yes, I remember wondering the exact same thing after I had my eldest; "I had so much time, why didn't I write more?" Then I got pregnant with V. and I remembered :).

Good luck to all of you and I hope this baby has mercy on your system! (It WILL have a D-name, right? :))

Congratulations! I stumbled on your tweets the other day and couldn't believe it. I hope this will be an easy pregnancy and another good birth.

I had a May baby, and besides the germ factor, it's also nice because you're never pregnant in the heat and tiny babies are easier to transport in nice weather. It's also a lovely pregnancy experience to give birth just as everything outdoors is blooming. But I digress. I'm so happy for you!!!


You can probably fit three carseats in the car you have now, although you'd likely need to buy new seats. It's not necessarily easy, but it would be cheaper than a new car.

I stumbled across your blog when you first found out you were pregnant with Camilla. I am so excited for you and your new baby!

Yay! What a blessing for your family!

Congratulations! So excited for you and your family

Congratulations! I am looking forward to watching your family grow!

My vote is that this is the middle of the story, not the end!

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations! It's very exciting to see you reach this point, having read your blog since (near) the beginning.

And, you know, you don't have to take the minivan plunge just yet. We fit two of these puppies and an infant carseat across the backseat of a Civic. Tra la!

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to hearing all your thoughts on third pregnancy and third baby!

Congrats, Arwen! Very happy for you all!

Congratulations! What wonderful news!!

Congratulations! Yay for babies!

Sorry about the nausea -- I am normally fascinated by food, and I hate the fact that pregnancy makes me spend weeks thinking that there is not one single thing I want to eat, and only a few I can manage.

But then later, baby! Yay for babies!

Many congratulations!
I first found your blog a few years ago (not even a mum myself, I was researching infertility for a course). Camilla was just wee, and I have truly enjoyed 'joining' you as your family has grown.
I'm thrilled for you all!
Sending love and prayers your way from Canada.
- sarah

Wonderful!! a 3rd <3

We have 2 Sunshine Kids Radian 80 [up to 80 lbs.] car seats.. they're great-- narrow, made of steel not plastic, & keep my children in 5-point harnesses longer [before using boosters]. Definitely great for 3 in a row in many vehicles!!

Oh I know that feeling so well... all day long you feel like you will throw up any moment and at the same time you try so hard not to because you don't really fancy eating anything else lol.

Congrats again! And it's true...while pregnancy and the thoughts of newborn time are overwhelming, that little self is worth it! Praying for you!

Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I was also having nausea the whole time when I was pregnant, and it could really paralyzed your work.:-) Well, I hope everything's gonna be alright. Congrats again.:-)

I found your blog when you has just had your first. I was blessed with my one miracle from God, and pray for more.

I'm thrilled for you!

Oh, what lovely news! Welcome to that spark of life in your belly, and may the nausea relent soon!

I am so very glad for you! And just a little hopeful for myself. You see, you fell pregnant with Blaise whilst I was waiting (not very) patiently for our first child. He showed up a couple of months after Blaise and is an utter delight. I really enjoyed reading about your pregnancy with Blaise, knowing that I might experience what you were in only a few short weeks.

We are now waiting (again, not very patiently) for our second child. I pray that we don't have to wait too much longer, but amfinding the waiting much easier with a happy, busy toddler at home to keep us company. :-)

Congratulations! =)

Congratulations my friend!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! Very exciting. Trust me, I understand the whole feeling-overwhelmed bit. When we found out we were pregnant this last time ... a pregnancy we'd definitely hoped for but had become resolved would probably never happen ... I was very happy, but there was also a lot of me that felt like, "What have we DONE?!". Like you said, you soon can't imagine your life without them. =)

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