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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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You and my husband are in agreement about 18-24 months being a great age. I find my toddler hugely draining, but am LOVING the stage my 6 month old is in.

Giving him juice is NOT giving in! I seem to remember a little girl in this age range who HAD to have a cup of OJ by her bed ;-D And look how well you turned out -- and without excessive cavities, either.

Something developmental might be contributing, too. Teddy is generally a champion sleeper, but he has had a few nights of unusual wakefulness and/or very early wake-ups of late. I seem to remember reading...somewhere...that there is a sleep regression around 18 months, so they'd both be right on schedule.

Good luck, honey!

We night weaned my 2 year old in January to...bananas. She still wakes up at night sometimes, but if my husband offers her a banana she'll go right back to sleep. Heaven help us if we run out bananas, though...

Stay strong! It's soooo hard and it can take a while. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way :)

I've heard that boys can be later talkers than girls. My brother-in-law takes the cake, though. He didn't say a word till he was 4. His mom took him to the doctor, who was convinced there were no developmental issues; he just didn't have anything to say. Sure enough one night at dinner he asked someone to "Please pass the potatoes." And spoke normally after that. He's still a pretty reticent guy.

Just a thought... the long afternoon naps might be contributing to the middle of the night sleeplessness. Maybe he's so well rested from the naps that he doesn't need the long stretch at night? What if you limited his nap to an hour and a half? I know, it's so hard when you finally do get that break....

We tried nightweaning a couple of times too and it didn't stick until Elizabeth was eighteen months old. I just don't think she was ready until then. Lots of other kids are, but this baby, no. But when she was ready for it, it worked like a charm. In one night basically, she started sleeping all night. (I'm still working on getting rid of the 6:30am wake-up, but since that is practically morning, I can't really complain too much.)

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