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Friday, June 18, 2010


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We stayed at that same hotel in Boston! Pricelined it, even! :)

Hope you guys have a great trip. Oh, and when did Blaise become a KID?!

I like how the ducks are all shiny where the kids have been petting and hugging them! So cute.

Looks like such fun -- I've never been to Boston but it's on my list of cities to explore.

Miss you guys! I have the cutest niece and nephew ever. I think Blaise might have to go into the family books as "most photogenic grandchild" hands down. (it looks like he got a face smash, poor dude)
Have a great time at the wedding this weekend, give everyone hugs for us.

So, two questions--though both have been mentioned already.

First, what happened to Blaise's face between the first two photos? He really is all boy, isn't he?

And second, speaking of being all boy, he is totally a full-on BOY now, and doesn't look like a baby in these photos AT ALL to me. Wow, when did that happen???

I had a dream last night that we were at the park, and I saw Camilla and Blaise running around, and I started looking around for Danielle Bean or another blogger to ask where you and Bryan were, LOL

We actually did know about luggage carts being the best thing ever! Elizabeth threw a tantrum upon being removed from one once. Also, did you know that elevators, particularly elevator buttons, are also the best thing ever?

Looks like fun! And if I ever make it to Boston I'll be sure to visit the ducklings. I wasn't aware that the book was set in a real place. Does it say in there? I haven't read it in years, although it's on my list of books I want for my kids' library.

When I saw how close your hotel was to the Common and Public Garden, I had a short-lived impulse to see if you wanted to meet up there. My kids love Make Way for Ducklings and have never been into Boston. But I was scared of Boston traffic and expensive parking. I think our meeting place was probably a better plan. (Despite everyone getting lost.) But you've inspired me to bump getting to the Public Garden up to the top of our must-do list. I want pictures of my kids that are as cute as that one of Blaise on the duck!

I think the little ducks are cuter. I want one for my yard! Just one...too many could get tacky. Thanks for sharing your fun.

So bummed we missed you on the trip--but glad that you guys enjoyed Boston so much! Maybe Toledo?

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