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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


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Oh, they are so, so adorable!

Wow, You're right Blaise is so big and looks so much more like a little boy.And the crawling into boxes thing... Bella does that every chance she gets.

I love Camilla's blond curls. She's so sweet.

Yay for picture posts!

I've never been able to get the hang of making dandelion chains, which is a shame cause we have an overabundance of dandelions and I think my girls would look cute in them.

Your kids are adorable! I especially love that picture of Camilla in the hat. Too cute.

Arwen, you have such beautiful children Awesome photos. :)

I want to look like Camilla when I grow up.

Wow, Camilla has really sprouted into a beautiful young lady already! What a cutie! And man, does Blaise look like YOU! He's a handsome little guy.

lovely all are cutiest.

You think Blaise looks like Arwen, Christiana? Thats so funny because I was looking at the pictures thinking how Blaise looks like a little clone of Bryan. I've never met Arwen or any of her family, so maybe I'm wrong! What do you think, Arwen?

I love to see that someone else out there is dealing with a high-energy, high-needs drama queen around age 3 and surviving. So glad to know that we can't count on the next one being the same, because I'm not sure I'd survive that. But, boy, are your kids cute!

Hi Arwen,

I follow faith and family and I always enjoy your blog posts. We are expecting our fourth child in November and we are considering the name Blaise if our child is a boy. I haven't found much on St. Blaise. Can you tell me anything about him and/or why you chose the name for your son? I would really appreciate it. Your kids are so adorable! I loved looking at the pictures. P.S. sorry to post this on your blog feed, but I couldn't figure out a way to message you personally.


Danielle, thanks for asking! The truth is, I don't know anything about St. Blaise that you can't find by Googling. My husband and I just liked the name. And my due date with our baby Blaise was February 2nd, and St. Blaise's feast day is February 3rd, so it seemed appropriate. We've been really happy with his name, and I'm glad you like it! Good luck finding a name for your little guy. (Oh, and congratulations on the baby!)

thanks, Arwen!


Not biased at all... your children are stunning! And the latest photos cetainly do show the growing!

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