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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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...her sweet smile and bouncing blond curls, are perfect as well, but I admire them with a certain detachment. Blaise's perfection is closer to me, because he's still a baby...

I get this. I love all three of my boys, each differently. My baby is 15 months old and still somehow "closer" to me. He is so rapidly leaving babyhood behind, and now that I have been through that a few times I know how quickly it goes. I was never very sentimental about the boys getting older, because for me older almost always means easier, but I am holding onto this one's babyhood a little bit harder, because it is likely he will be my last. He can snuggle up and sleep on my chest all he wants!

what a beautiful post!

Nice job with the photos! Have you been using FEL?

Such a beautiful post, Arwen! And I love the pictures. Simply adorable!

I felt just as you did when our number 2 was coming. Now with 4, I can honestly tell my children that I learned that the heart is a limitless organ, expanding to whatever capacity necessary, and making each next child, or person to love, even easier. It is amazing.

Kevin and I have been talking about how on earth we could possibly love another child as we love Monica a lot recently. I think our hang up is in thinking that love can be quantified. We will love this next little one differently because this baby is a totally different person, but we will not love with less love. That really helped me to think about the 1 to 2 transition differently. Thanks for sharing!!

Excellent article. Thank you very much for your analysis.

So So true!

Beautiful. And true.

This post brought tears to my eyes -- I feel the same way about my second, now 8 months. Love multiplies. And I have never been more grateful.

Your baby is really really cute.. :)

Beautiful post! I've had a very similar experience with my 2 boys. That you for expressing it so well.

Its very true, I worried exactly the same when I was expecting my second daughter, I cried when I was going in to labour, (not for obvious reasons) because I was scared i would be taking something away from both of them. Obviously I fell in love with my new daughter instantly but it wasn't until after a month or so that I actually stopped feeling quite so guilty for them both. I realised, both of them aren't missing something now they have gained each other and what a precious gift. Now at 2.5 years old and 10 months the bond between them is growing everyday and it is an honour to watch. I love them both an unimaginable amount and your right love multiplies.

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