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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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What a beautiful entry! I love reading your posts, Arwen, because the ones in which you challenge yourself are ones that push me. Thank you for espousing this sentiment on the first day of Lent.

I find things so much easier when I look at how much worse they could be.

I don't know if you'll think it is a good option, but Elizabeth started sleeping much better when I moved her into our closet in a pack and play. (We have an enormous closet. I thought about converting it to a nursery.) That way I still felt like she was in the same room as us, but she had a wall between her and her 24 hour milk supply. The second night in the closet, she went to one waking per night. I even left all the doors open between us.


Well said. I wish I could remember this more and not be so complainy. I've been praying for a little more peace and contentment and above all, JOY, lately.

And that leads me to this: We cannot accept our burdens or difficulties by any strength of ourselves. That has to come from the Holy Spirit. No matter how we are blessed or afflicted, the proper attitude must be God-given. No matter how much I say, "I'm going to be thankful" I can't do it myself.

This was so beautiful, and so good and inspiring for me to read today. I will pray that things start to look up for you guys with the whole "sleep thing"! Take care, and see you soon!

This is beautiful, Arwen. You inspire me so much. To be a better wife, a better mother, a better person. As you know, we've been down the same non-sleeping path, and I always try to see the blessing of it all. When Violet finally started sleeping through the night (around her second birthday!) we were so very relieved. But within a few months, we missed that closeness. And now, a year and a half later, I often go to bed hoping she'll need me in the night so that I might snuggle her sweet little body for as long as she'll let me. Too soon they'll be up and out of the house and snuggling their own little ones in the night, so I try to focus on treasuring it as much as I can. I fail. Repeatedly. But posts like this remind me to hold strong, you know?

Love you.

This is a beautiful post... I'm not what many consider a religious woman. I believe, but I don't study religion.

A post like this makes me want to.

Rosie Kate, you're so right! (And how very Thomistic of you. :-))

It's such a crucial balance we must strive for in the Christian life, figuring out what "letting God's grace do its work in our lives" looks like. How much do we do, and how much does he do? Of course the final answer is that everything good is caused by his grace, but we do have a responsibility, too, to take the steps he asks of us, to figure out what those steps are. Empowered by his grace at every moment, yes, but our will plays a part.

I guess there's a reason these things are called "mysteries," huh? I'm making my own head spin even as I write! But my point is that you're totally right, RK. And thanks for pointing it out!

This was amazing. I have had that same thought - despite all else, my children aren't HUNGRY. I cannot imagine being in that position, the idea rocks me to my core.
You are such an inspiration to me. I am going to TRY so very hard to offer up my never ending nausea in this same way.
But I think you have every right to be totally annoyed about the curly fry situation.

There are no words! You used them all :-)

Thanks for this, sweet sister. It's something I think everyone needs to hear. Praying for you and with you this Lent.

Someone else already said it, but... Beautiful. Thanks.

I love the way you express the woes and joys of motherhood. I gave up on co-sleeping past 3 months. Believe it or not we ALL slept much better. Although I continue to nap with them until about a year. It's hard to give up ideals, but, better to make decisions and changes that will make your whole family more peaceful (and sane!). An exhausted mama has a hard time loving her kids during the day... and that's no good!
I can't believe you can think so well, being so sleep deprived. You are amazing!
PS. My fav. sleep book is "No Cry Sleep Solutions".

I'm delurking to say I have an almost three year old who doesn't sleep well. He needs to be cuddled to sleep for naps and at night. He wakes. He stirs. We've read everything. We've tried everything - except Ferber. Then it came to me. One day he won't want to be cuddled. One day he will be completely independent and he won't need us. I tell myself to enjoy these moments - as often as they happen and as they keep me from other parts of my life - because they won't last forever. And once they are gone - they are gone.

Beautiful. Thank you.

Beautiful, Arwen. I love this post.

This post had me near tears. It's just what I needed to read. I especially love this part (and have copied it for myself to read over and over):

"Being one who weeps means recognizing the lightness of one's own burdens in order to weep for others. To help carry their enormous burdens as best we can."

Beautifully written. Thank you for the reminder.

Blessed are the Christians who worship God in spirit and truth...

I remember those nights.

I hate that I remember mostly MY frustration of having sleep interrupted.

I wish my memories were more of my babies and how little they were..

I miss those babies.

I love this post.

Thank you Arwen. This is something I am working on myself. Our almost 19month just finally went to waking once (on average) a night 1-2 months ago. I still lay beside him to put him down for naps and night time. Sometimes at night when I am so tired and he tosses and turns struggling to go back to bed I get so frustrated. During this lenton season I am working on seeing this 'sufferings' as sacrifices of love for my family. I want to be able to see the good and be grateful for God's blessings as you so beautifully shared. Only by God's grace. Thank you for sharing. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in these struggles. God Bless.

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