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Sunday, January 03, 2010


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I can never figure out why humidifier filters are so damn expensive. And why can't they make a reusable one that you wash or run through the dishwasher?? I mean, I will be using a humidifier for YEARS and I'm not enjoying the price point on those filters.

I love reading these questions all over the internet - it's sort of fun to have everyone talking about the same thing at the same time.

I'm with you on the personal fashion concept. If it's not pajamas I'm doing alright.

We once actually bought a humidifier with a "permanent filter"
 that you could supposedly wash and reuse. Except we have 
very hard water and after a couple months there was buildup
anyway... And then we couldn't find a replacement filter because
they were supposed to be permanent. So that was actually worse
than just sucking it up and budgeting $20/month on humidifier filters
all winter long. Which is what we now do.  But we don't like it.

My humidifying trick is to line dry the diapers. It might not work if you live in more than 850 square feet, though ;)

Arwen didn't mention that although the "Bye-Bye" song is annoyingly catchy, she and Tirienne have worked out what amounts to a dance routine for it, involving a lot of waving hands in the air. One one occasion I was riding in the carwith Arwen and the kids and Camilla requested the song. Then suddenly there was Blaise, "dancing" along in his car seat, hands in the air! I loved it.

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