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Thursday, December 03, 2009


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You didn't fail NaBloPoMo! You didn't post every day, but you posted quite a lot, and I definitely enjoyed reading your posts! I'm part of a blog written by 5 people together, and we still didn't manage to get a post up every day. :) Your post about neglecting the housework but not the kids was beautiful. Brian sounds like a wise and wonderful guy!

I'll just say that I don't view it as failing nightweaning. I view it as succeeding in figuring out what your baby needs right now, even though it's hard on you (I know!). Hopefully soon, he'll at least stop the all-night nursing and get to a more manageable routine for you!

saw you asked about Santa over in Twitter. don't have a twitter account but would LOVE to hear what other parents do about Santa and trying to stave off (if they try) the commercial onslaught that can make Christmas all about toys for kids. Not to be a scrooge or to beat a dead horse, but it's time for us to think about these things - our boy is 2. Faith and Family post maybe?

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