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Friday, November 06, 2009


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For the 5.15 wakeup ... I don't know. Sorry. Daniel did the same thing until he was about two and a half, and still gets up pretty early. We haven't set an alarm in years. Some sort of Up With The Lark gene on the Y chromosome? Hopefully Blaise will become more in tune with the rest of the family soon!

I call my month old daughter Sausage, and when I swaddle her up I call her my sausage roll, so I'm not sure I'm too good at the inventing nicknames thing.

My kids are old enough (and have been for over a year) that I get a decent night's sleep most nights. And you know what? I still marvel about it! I think surviving the early years of parenthood may mean that I will never take uninterrupted sleep for granted again.

On the lark thing though, I'm still feeling your pain. I dread "falling back" every year. Even my 6 yr old was getting up before 6AM. You'd think he could fend for himself and let us sleep, but no. I will say that in my experience, they do eventually adjust. As long as the rest of Blaise's day (meals, naps, bedtime, etc.) is on a regular schedule, his wake-up time will gradually get later. The hard thing is to resist just waking up and starting the day at 5AM when you have a little one that wants to be up.

I'm sure it's a lot of work, but I'm really enjoying reading your daily posts here, as well as at F&F Live!

My son is now 7 yrs old.He doesn't bothe his mom & dad in nights.

I call my son "Bubba-Joe" and my daughter "Chicklet," neither remotely related to their names. I'm enjoying it now, because I assume they'll outgrow them sooner, rather than later!

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