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Saturday, November 07, 2009


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I already read her blog. I just fail to comment often.

I'll check out the others.

and I know what you mean - no pressure. who reads me anyway? oh, at least 15 people, though nobody comments. But I forget to comment too, so I cannot complain. Ever.


Great idea! I'll do this post when I'm stumped as I try to muddle though NaBloPoMo. :)

Aw, thanks for the shout! This makes me feel like I should post more than 3x a month. :)

Right now I have a DOOZY stewing that I can never ever post because it's an ANGRY post about my father-in-law.


Okay, so I've thought this a few times in the last few days reading your post, so now I'm just gonna give my unsolicited advice. :-P

In posting every day (or even throughout the rest of the year!), you shouldn't feel like you have to write a whole treatise on some particular topic in order to be interesting! We would still love to read a short anecdote, or a little incident that happened during your day, something cute Camilla said, or even just a sweet photo! I mean, I guess you can set whatever goals for your blog that you wish... I guess I'm just speaking from my experience of not hemming myself in. I make it my goal (though rarely met sometimes) to post something every day. And I make it a rule not to write along the lines of "we did this, and then we did this, and then we..." because that's boring. I try to write creatively, but I allow for the short or mundane. I'm not saying to only post that way (I do enjoy your pondering or philosophic posts), just maybe not rule it out.

So. That's just my 2 cents on your NaBloPoMo. :-)

You're right-- your sister's blog is lovely and I greatly enjoy reading it. Now I should probably go over there and tell her that! :-)

Speaking of sisters, mine also got a 1590 on her SAT! Small world, there can't be too many people that smart. My sister was annoyed because she remembers which one(!) question she got wrong. It's fun to have geniuses in the family, isn't it? Although, my husband was a bit intimidated by my family's dinner conversations at first. He's over it now!

Thank you so much, Arwen! It's sort of surreal to me, after reading you for so long without a blog of my own, to see you recommending that others come read me. It means a lot, so thank you again. :)

Well, now you made me cry in a good way. Thank you for the encouraging words. I needed them today.

God bless you.

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