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Saturday, August 01, 2009


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Oh, what adorable photos! I'm looking forward to next summer when my kids get to spend time at the cabin with their cousin (technically they felt him/her kick while there this year, but next year the crawling baby should be more interesting).

I am definitely grateful to have our siblings live nearby.

Unless your composition technique was a conscious decision (which I highly doubt, seeing as you would have mentioned it to me if you were doing schooling in photography), I'd say that you're a natural photographer. These shots (especially the one of Daniel) display textbook use of the rule of thirds, as well as the use of lines (shadows) to illustrate depth within the frame. Brava!

I LOVE these photos, and I'm glad to see the Camilla got some new sunglasses after the old ones broke. She looks so cute, as do Daniel and Matthew. It really is a blessing that they're growing up so close together. I am not close to any of my cousins, which is a shame.

You are very blessed! And fortunate to live somewhere where summer is only 3 months. You know the joke about Michigan's seasons?

Q.How many seasons are there in Michigan?
A. 4. Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.

Well it's inverted here:
Q. How many seasons are there in South Louisiana?
A. 4. Hurricane, Autumn, Summer, and Hot As Hell.

I had cousins I remember in a similar way. Summers weren't complete unless we could spend at least a week at each others houses. It was great. I bet it is so wonderful to know your kids have the same opportunity. Enjoy your vacation!

What cute photos! Your nephew Matthew has gotten so big; not much longer and Blaise will be playing alongside them! Have fun on vacation!

They're all so gorgeous - you're so lucky to have your kids' cousins nearby. (I would say that I wish ours could be nearby as well, but then remembered that my kids don't HAVE cousins yet ;)). I loved summer as a child and like it as a mother, but wow, it is EXHAUSTING. Daniel is almost 4 and has to be on the go all the time, and since we don't have a back yard that means lots of expeditions to fountains and pools and movies ... I just hope that among his summer memories is not included the less-than-edifying one of Mama asking if he wants to watch TV so she can sit down in the air conditioning.

They will never forget those childhood summers together, doing lots of nothing with their families. Hope the weather is hot and the water's swimmably cool :D

Lovely photos... I am excited to give birth for my second child and my son will soon have a sibling to play with...

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