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Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Ah, vacation on the lake! Upper Midwesterners unite! Our family's cabin's lake is 5 miles long, which is decent for Northern Minnesota, but also not considered a big lake. My babies have hated life jackets too. This was the first year my kids enjoyed lake swimming (immediately after taking swimming lessons) -- they're 5 and 3. We bought knives for the cabin after going crazy a couple years ago. And my mom helped hunt down mixing bowls and other critical things that apparently other people can live a week without.

I have always loved water. I never saw the ocean until last year. I had seen lakes, but they always bothered me. I grew up a water baby, and then I was a swimmer for a very long time, but the sensation of getting my feet in water with sand and vegetation? It was highly uncomfortable. I always had to scrub my feet afterwards. I didn't like it. I can handle it better, but it still freaks me out.

I hated life jackets. I've never had to wear one. I could swim fully by about the age of 3 or 4. I still remember going to a birthday party and refusing to wear one. The birthday girl's mother was exasperated and annoyed; my mother had to promise her that I wouldn't drown and that I'd be fine. It was actually pretty amusing.

I love the curly hair, and I'm glad you all had a great time. :o)

Now I really want to go on that vacation! It looks wonderful.

Burt Lake! Fellow native Michigander here-- and I spent a couple of summers right nearby on Douglas Lake at the university field station during grad school. Love that part of MI. Not too far from the "real" lake either! :)

I especially like the gas station/ice cream/bait/hardware/grocery establishments up there. Where else can you buy worms with your ice cream cone? Gotta love "up north".

That seems like such a lovely way to spend vacation. I'm jealous of your sharp knives! My knives are terribly dull, but I'm so afraid to use something sharper (even though I know a sharper knife is technically safer.)

I love that last picture of Camilla and Bryan. She reminds me of a curly-haired Violet with those sleepy eyes.

I love Burt Lake. I grew up very close to there. Wireless internet is something of a new concept. But they are getting there. Glad you enjoyed your time off!

Looks like you had a great time! I love the view from the house, and I love the photo of Camilla and Daniel on the dock.

I feel your pain about the knives. I tried to make chili at the condo we rented at Lake Tahoe in January, and there were NO decent knives. I was chopping onions and bell peppers for a double batch, which was no fun at all with the condo's horrible knives and glass cutting boards. (I hate those glass boards. I hate the sound the knives make against them.)

Have you considered that Camilla doesn't like the road noise when you open the car window? I am very sensitive to the sound of road noise, myself and cannot stand having the windows down for more than a moment or so. I get awful headaches from it. Very strange, I know, but what can I say? So maybe it's not the wind that Camilla doesn't like? Especially if she likes being on the boat.

Camilla is a growing up to be a really lovely little girl. And look how big Blaise is already!

BTW, where do you find onesies in C's size? I have a long lean 23-month-old and thought we were at the end of the line with the Carter's 24-month size.

That swing overlooking the lake looks like maybe the most perfect seat in the world. Sounds like you had a beautiful week :)

Your kids are getting so big and beautiful!!!

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