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Monday, July 06, 2009


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Thatcomment about Michigan being in the Eastern time zone isn't entirely correct. There is at least one county up near Wisconsin in the UP which is in the Central time zone. Just FYI.

I'm so glad Bryan is home! I hate, hate, hate it when David has to travel for work, and (at least for the next couple of months) I only have myself to worry about. Glad you all survived!

My husband was just away on business and was that busy too. It was awful to not get to talk to him. I ended up putting videos online just so that he could see us a little.

My hubby is military, and is away for 4-6 weeks 3 or 4 times a year. During basic training, he was away 5 1/2 months straight, no visits home. It sucked.

So I can relate to that feeling of missing him so very, very much while away!

that time zone line between central and eastern is amazing to me. It's between Illinois and Indiana, but it is also all the way into the panhandle of Florida (because Marianna, FL is still in CST, to my surprise).

where in Louisiana was he, if I may ask? Though I wasn't in Louisiana all last week - I was in Florida. Got home today, and am I tired of driving!

It's hard to be without spouse for a week, especially with little ones. It's easier when they're older. I'm so thankful for internet and cell phones!

Uggh, Arwen, I had to do this as well - Jon went to New Mex for a week. It was tough. I dont have any family nearby. I made pizzas a lot and tried to sleep every second they slept! AND he is leaving for a three day work weekend Friday:(
But, we will survive! We are strong! Reminds me of an 80's girl band song!

That top picture of you could be Miriel. Are you sure you guys aren't twins?

GUH! It sounds like a tough time to be a single parent. That whole teething plus bedtime-refusal thing sounds intimidating. Congrats on making it.

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