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Friday, July 10, 2009


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I think we all get used to our own situations and it's hard to adjust sometimes! I know lots of women are single moms and do it all day every day, but I'm like you-- the thought of doing it alone even for a few days makes me want to cry.

Enjoy your time off!

Isn't it the WORST when there's no one to tag out!? Hang in there!!

I have been thinking of you! Andrew may be going on a trip at the end of July, and the thought terrifies me! Last night he went to a no-kids wedding, and even that was hard for me, and my kids were angels all day! So I will say some prayers for you. Hang in there, and use your time off to recharge.

The hardest situation to be in is your own! No matter that someone else has it harder, you don't live that one. I'm sorry that Bryan is away so much - I hope his trips stop coming so close together. It's much easier to handle doing the single-parenting thing for a couple of days every few months!

My husband was gone for a week in June. It sucked big-time and I only have one almost-three-year-old. My aunt came and stayed but like you said, I was still the go-to person for EVERYTHING. Ugh. And I had plenty of notice. I was SO glad to see him come back.

Hang in there and enjoy your "me-time".

Ugh. How awful. It's so hard to be the ONE parent when you're used to being a team. And to not really get relief between trips makes it that much worse.

Prayers that Bryan's trip gets cancelled, at least until a week later.

Oh Arwen, I can recall feeling the same dread when my kids were tiny and my husband was working insane hours and traveling out of state a lot. Years later I can say -nothing stays the same forever. Work situations change, children grow, you get more confident. If a wimp like me can get through it, I just know you can! But I hope his trip gets cancelled too! Hugs!

Thanks for sharing your point of view regarding the traveling parent situation. I am usually in Bryan's shoes, and that is awful, as well, but not as exhausting as being home with the little ones all alone. Hang in there! You are in my prayers.

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