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Friday, July 24, 2009


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Wow! Congratulations on going from frequent headaches to infrequent headaches! Bravo! I get frequent migraines, and caffeine is always necessary, which sucks, because they often strike at about 10 PM (only if I have to work early the next morning, of course). But I figure, I would have been awake with the migraine anyway, so why not be awake pain-free?

Thanks for the great recipe! I look forward to trying it, and they sound like a lovely tea companion!

glad you feel better. sometimes all that helps my headache is sleep. but first I usually try aleve and caffeine!

for once I'm not even tempted by the thought of cookies. I'm so full, that I'm never going to eat again. ever.

Stop posting about Iced Capps, you're making me want to drive to Michigan and get one.

Mmm...Tim Hortons. I am glad that they are finally taking off in the US (though I know they've been in MI forever). They are such a vital part of life in Canada, such a meeting spot for members of communities. I spent many an hour with friends there during high school...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Also - that's an amazing rate of growth for Blaise. Teddy (one day younger) started at 8lbs, 4 oz (on his due date) and is now just under 18 lbs. He's only getting expressed b-milk, too. How strong your arms must be getting!

Oh my lord, Blaise is a little moose, isn't he? (This is a high compliment, of course :)). He's a handsome little guy, too. And I am very thankful to know of a fellow coffee-hater besides my husband; nobody else gets it, especially here in Utah, where being a non-Mormon makes drinking coffee a sort of Establishment-defying mark of hipness.

BTW do you know what happened to JenEx? I miss her blog.

Wonderful headache advice! I had an awful headache yesterday and I couldn't imagine what had made it so bad, but then I remembered that I'd accidentally put my contacts in the opposite eyes. That'll do it :) I'm still going to down some water though, just to be sure that headache is knocked out for good.

And I'm impressed that you could stop at a half-dozen cookies ;)

What great milk you have!!! I love me a chubby baby :)

If you want to avoid caffeine while nursing, you can try my doctor's trick -- one ibuprofen and one acetaminophen, taken together. For some reason, the combination works better on my really bad headaches, over just one or the other.

(I can't take aspirin as I am very anemic, and aspirin causes me to bruise very easily. Like, even a child tapping me on the arm can cause a bruise.)

I love Excedrin (acetaminophen, caffeine, and aspirin), but now I am REALLY WISHING for AC&C. That sounds delish!

Six cookies per sitting IS self-control. WONDERFUL self-control.

I can't imagine that are people who experienced headaches badly. I mean, i had a headache sometimes but it only comes when i am over fatigue in work. I think better treatment for headaches is important especially for those people who experienced it.

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