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Monday, June 22, 2009


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I remember the first time I saw the bedroom setup, even before the crib for Blaise. I thought then that it was HUGE. But it must be seriously comfortable to have that much space! Not sure what we'll do if we end up needing to co-sleep; there's really not room in our bedroom for a king-size bed.

When I look at that photo I honestly have NO IDEA how Blaise was conceived! HA!!

Ick. My sons collect caterpillars, and will gladly bring me moths and ants pinched between their little fingers. I try not to get too grossed out, but sometimes I just can't help it, especially with the caterpillars.

When it turned out that for the first few months of her life Kalena would only sleep right next to someone I was SO GLAD to have a king bed so there was room for everyone.

I dind't htink we would be co-sleepers either. But, dd slept either in our bed or in her bed next to ours until she was 10 months old. Unfortunately, she needs solitude OR snuggling to fall back asleep in the middle of the night. So, she was moved to her own room at just about 10 months old! I don't know what we will do with this one- probably just wait and see what it prefers.

"In our BEDroom, we're all pretty much as comfortable as we can get"

And thats ALLLLL that matters.

My 4 year old sleeps between my husband and I. Actually ON me. And I wouldn't have it any other way

Both of my kids have done the 45 minute thing. I read somewhere that it is actually part of the sleeping process, especially for young children. They will sleep good for the first 45 minutes and then transition to a very light sleep. If they can get through this light sleep, they will then transition to a very deep sleep, where they get more quality sleep. Unfortunatly, during that very light sleep, any noise or change of light or whatever can wake them up. With my son (he was a difficult baby like your Camilla) if we let him, he would have just cried and cried and never gone back to sleep. I learned from that experience though, and now with my daughter ( easier baby) when she would wake, I would initially move her to the swing and she would usually go right back to sleep. This didn't work all the time, and now she's a little big for the swing. Now if it happens with her, I will give her about 10 minutes of fussing (it's really just a fuss, no screaming) and she'll usually go back to sleep for another hour or so. Again, this doesn't always work, but usually it does. I have heard that when a child is more rested, they sleep better. I know your little Blaise has reflux though, so maybe it is different.

I thought we'd be co-sleepers but my baby would have none of it. You just never, never know about these things!

Oh, yes, my boy could rarely sleep for more than 45 minutes for quite a while. Giving up caffeine completely seemed to help some. But some kids just have a really hard time making that transition from 45 min to beyond. You are not alone!

I assumed that the baby would at least sleep in the same room with us for a few months, but it turned out that it didn't work for her at all. She just couldn't sleep well in the presence of other people. Every kid is different.

oh I meant he wouldn't take more than a 45 min nap - like Blaise. then he would wake up crying at 45 min and wouldn't go back down. But when he did sleep past the 45, he was so happy when he woke up!

Oh, yes, I'm so familiar with the 45 minute nap thing that my friend and I gave it a name - "The 45 minute fuss." I think it is them shifting out of a deep sleep cycle into a lighter sleep phase, and they have to figure out how to do that and sleep more if they are still tired, but it's an agonizing process until you get there!

My second was also a very different baby from my first, and I felt really clueless the first few weeks with him. I remember telling my husband (in hormonal tears), "I've done this before - I should be better at this!" :)

That is an impressive bed set-up. Whatever works!

I love your bed setup. A room full of bed is my childhood dream, man!

(I'm also with Manda though. Haha.)

When you went dairy free with Camilla, did you cut it out of baked goods as well? I know this is off topic. ~8-) Long time lurker!

For quite sometime the 45 minute nap was the bane of my existance. When Brenna outgrew it and started taking 2 regular naps (1 1/2 hrs each) I cried with joy. Sometimes it scares me how much I focus on the sleep my kids are getting - then I remember that their sleep is more important to me than my own! I love your BEDroom set-up. Clearly it works for you and that's what matters most!

Manda and Ashley, you guys are hilarious. Also, clearly, not very creative. ;)

Hey Arwen, Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I feel like the only mom in the world obsessed with figuring out sleeping arrangements... I'm currently co-sleeping with my 22 month old in a double bed in one room while my husband sleeps in our queen bed in the master bedroom, and baby #2 is due in a few weeks. And as I nurse my daughter to sleep for every naptime and nighttime and night waking (which is every night, usually more than once) I think, HOW is this going to work with a newborn?!? We can't afford a king sized bed right now, but we did get a toddler bed for my daughter and pull it alongside the full sized bed so we at least have more space. But I keep thinking: will she climb on the newborn likes she climbs on me? It won't be safe to leave the two of them together while I go to the bathroom, will it?

See? Obsessed! ;-) We'll figure it out...

PS Oh yeah, it doesn't help that all the other moms in our small group at church are like, "What's the deal? Don't your kids sleep in cribs in their own room?" And I'm like, um... No. (Most of them quit nursing very early to go back to work, so the tandem thing is freaky to them, anyway.)

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I have been so curious as to how you all are arranging the sleeping thing, as I don't know a lot about purposeful co-sleeping (my BFF has a toddler who comes into her room every night uninvited. Her husband hates it and she tolerates it, so it continues). Thanks for sharing!

Hey Arwen! Good luck with the sleepage. I remember the catnaps. A nurse I met at St. Joe's told me that her first baby was on a "schedule" at 8 weeks and her two subsequent children were only catnapping til 8 or 9 months. Monica was only 10 weeks old at the time, so that story made me a tad nervous. It is amazing how much sleep issues can consume parents of little ones. By the way, Blaise's birth story is really beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience. A gift from God for sure.
Let's try to get together some time this summer. It's been a long time!

I should totally just get on Twitter (instead of reading various feeds in Google Reader), but for now: Stegner = great 20th century American lit. Angle of Repose, Crossing to Safety, Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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