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Thursday, June 18, 2009


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And now we have the rest of the story - I could almost feel the hormone high myself while reading it, so well done :). It sounds perfect - I love the family photo. (Why did it surprise me that you remember delivering the placenta? I have absolutely no memory of that at all, but I must have done it. Too much painkiller in the system, perhaps).

Awww! How wonderful! Thanks again for writing it all!

I love this birth story. It reminds me how great it can be to be a part of something so incredibly cool.

I'll be honest, I normally don't enjoy reading birth stories. I tend to skim...

I read every. single. word. of Blaise's birth story and loved every moment. I'm actually a little bummed it's over.

This was beautiful and I'm still so happy for you and your family.

I had only c-sections and didn't think about it much. Your story, the most beautiful I have ever read, makes me deeply...not envious, but what? I understand for the first time what I've missed. Thank you for bringing to motherhood the real glow! Thank you1

Just lovely. Blaise's birth sounds like the kind of experience I'd like to have next time around. First time around the baby was in serious trouble so I had an emergency c-section followed by not being able to hold her for almost 40 hours because she was on oxygen with both lungs collapsed. Not exactly my ideal birth.

I'm so glad you shared the whole story! I really enjoyed reading it.

That was incredibly beautiful.

Beautiful birth story! I read the whole thing. How great that you were able to have such a great experience! As I read I couldn't help but note the similarities between Blaise's and my 2nd's birth.

He's adorable!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. So beautiful.

Thanks for sharing Blaise's birth story, Arwen. I've really enjoyed reading it.
I so remember the "high" I had after my third was born (and coincidentally --or maybe not!--my only completely unmedicated delivery).

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