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Friday, April 17, 2009


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Sorry about the rough nights-- that sounds awful. Good luck with tonight!

But... he IS adorable (love that double chin!!), so that's got to be of some consolation. :-)

Oh my goodness, the smooshy cheeks! Where did the tiny little baby go?

What a pudge bug! I can't wait to see him in THREE WEEKS!

Yuck and yuck. Elizabeth just got through her four month sleep regression and it was awful! I feel for you.

One quick thing that helped me was an airplane neck pillow. It allowed me to sleep sitting up, holding the baby and kept my neck from falling off. I have a nice cotton one, stuffed, not the air filled ones you blow up.

I LOVE Book Rest..

It's such a great answer to the whine of
"I'm nooootttt tiiireeedddd"....

Naps are for babies..
But a Book Rest: those are for big kids.

The kicker is they fall asleep EVERY TIME.

Yikes-- I'm so sorry about the lack of sleep. I hope it gets better quickly!

that sounds tough; i too had several weeks of "sleeping" while sitting up in bed with a baby on my chest because of my baby's awful reflux. I can totally symapthise.
The only thing that helped in my case was totally cutting out all dairy products in my diet, as that really settled baby's reflux.

best wishes,
hope you get some horizontal sleep!!!

I've got nothing but sympathy! Having living through a child who I swore lacked the "on/off" switch necessary for life, there were many nights that when I "woke" up in the morning I'd never actually gone to sleep. She's 16 months old and started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago. I have no advice, you know your baby best and will do what works out best for you all. Good luck and I hope there is some decent, uninterrupted sleep in your near future!

Oh, I would love to buy you a drink, Arwen.

So, Lucy doesn't really nap during the day. 45 minutes here or there, and it's hard won when it happens. So she goes to bed early, at 7:30. She sleeps until midnight or 12:30, which is sometimes five hours in a row. BUT! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED AT 8PM, I WANT SOME ME TIME.

So I go to bed at 10 or 11, and she wakes up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30. IT BLOWS. Just wanted you to know that it's sucking for me too. We'll get through it. But it is going to take some vodka, I think.

I thought my son had reflux, but he actually has a hiatal hernia. We took him to a naturopath/chiropractor and she identified his problem immediately with surrogate muscle testing. I help him feel better now by massaging the hernia back under his diaphragm, but that's only temporary and we will just have to wait until he's older and the hernia "heals." The good thing is that I don't have to avoid any kinds of foods. Something to think about.

sleep deprivation is very hard. hope you've gotten some good sleep and are feeling better!

I am sorry Blasie is having difficulty. I have written before that our youngest, Jacob, had many problems at birth and reflux was one of them. Right off I will tell you that Jacob's case was this is not meant to scare 9 months he
weighed 9 pounds, and by the looks of your beautiful son, he is doing great! Eventually Jacob had to have surgery to reconstruct the lower 1/4 of his esophagus, but before that, there were many meds available that relieved some pain for him.
Has Blaise's pediatrician suggested any? There are of course the acid blockers but what helped Jacob the most was a drug that sped up the process of digestion, making the reflux much less severe. That was fourteen years ago so there are probably many medications available with little side-effects now. I will pray for all of you...I remember those sleepless nights holding little Jacob while he would arch his body backward to try to find relief...watching your baby in pain is so hard. I found a lot of comfort in praying the Rosary because I knew Mary would give me the strength to get through it. God bless you!

Long time reader (okay, Lurker) coming out of Lurkerville to comment. It sounds like Blaise is going through his 2 month growth spurt--feeding around the clock, can't get enough, etc. His reflux could be due to the extra "food"in his tiny tummy. Since your post was a few days ago, hopefully he is past the growth spurt and things are sane again! You're good until the 4 month one!

I remember when my now 3 year old went through her growth spurts! I felt like going topless all day, because it was pointless to button up! She'd be nursing again momentarily! It was maddening!!

Also, you twittered wanting caffeine, but didn't dare because of the effects on baby. You can, you know! You just have to pump his next few meals, then bottoms up! Enjoy!

Keeping you all in my prayers!

Please forgive me if you have tried this and it didn't work (or if it is wildly off base). Have you tried giving up dairy (either major or completely)?

It has made a world of difference in the sleep situation around here. My son sleeps better, doesn't spit up, and is much MUCH less fussy. I saw (the abstract for) a paper which said that 50% off babies with GERD have milk protein sensitivity, so it's worth a shot at least.

I looked at your blog first because we have a 3 month old little girl and her name is Arwen. I haven't seen anyone called that before and now I find you.
I have had 11 children and most of them were reflux babies. Some worse than others and I remember the sitting up all night with the baby.
I would sit on the lounge with pillows behind and one on the side so I wouldn't drop the baby over and sit there all night. I seemed to get used to it and it was just the only way to get any sort of sleep at all for me and baby.
Hang in there it does pass--eventually.
God Bless

Oh, that you poor dear!
I have had very few of those nights.. but,
generally it is due to consumption of a lot of raw onions/peppers or beans or cabbage. I know it is awful to start eliminating things from your diet when you feel tired and cranky already.......
Man, he is cute!
Looks like he is eating enough, anyway :)

Right there with ya. I've been up since 3:50am and won't be able to get a nap today. Is it the weekend yet?

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