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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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Wow, what a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

Amen! It helps to have some perspective on those days when our kids are dealing with at-the-moment-very-scary things.

So thankful for my son, and your post reminded me, again. Perspective, indeed.

Also, and I'm sorry for ruining a somber tone, but you have pretty, pretty hair.

Amen. I have been thinking this over and over the last few weeks. Especially after two Saturdays ago I attended the funeral of a 2 day old. Events to teach us perspective are not in short supply these days, and I am filled with grief for those families who are having to live the tragedies.

lovely. and not to be completely and inappropriately shallow: but the highlights in your hair are gorgeous.

sometimes the biggest blessings are couched in the hardest times. You are blessed to have two healthy little ones - even if they have their rough patches. I learned this one myself, when my daughter had an aborted SIDS incident at 5 months. It's the rough patches that sometimes make it hard to see the forest for the trees. And, I totally agree - your hair looks lovely!

When I look back at the pictures of my daughter in the nicu (a lot like the pictures of Blaise except with three more leads) I think back at how hard that was. But, like you I also think about those who have it worse. Those who don't know if their child is going to make it. Those who end up loosing their little one. It is a huge reality check!

He does look rather robust, even with the extra wires. I am so pleased that he recovered so nicely.

Great post, excellent perspective on Blaise's early days, and fantastic looking hair, Arwen!

Hi Arwen,
I have been meaning to touch base with you again, we have just had such a hectic couple of months. I have been trying to summon the courage to go back and read through Nathan's Caring Bridge journal (we keep trying to remember what happened when, in what order, etc.), but have not been able to yet. You are so correct- there is so much to work through. Thank you so much for your prayers, they have truly made a difference.
Sarah (Nathan's mom)

You made me go take a look at Nina's baby album - of the beginning pictures in NICU. It helped today. To be able to take a breath, since I've been having some trouble dealing with my almost teen daughter - and instead to remember that this will pass. As so much has gone by and we've survived and thrived. Perspective is truly a gift from God.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed, in the midst of such a beautiful post, how good your hair looks. That said, I often forget how deeply blessed I am, that my children are alive and healthy. Thanks for the reminder.

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