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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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Wow, he is Bryan's clone, isn't he? I mean, I've always thought Camilla looked like him, but wow.

They're both beautiful, btw!

I agree with the above, and when I looked at Blaise's picture and thought he and Camilla looked VERY related lol (which is so nice for siblings, hehe).

I too hate the "good" vs. "bad" baby reference. Instead of debating with others, I finally got the idea to reword the question in my answer (my baby is 8 months old), when people ask me "is she a good baby" I just say "She's a very easy baby." I just pray the "easy" adjective catches on!

Love seeing your updates, though I think as a new mom with all you have had to deal with at once you should not feel pressured to write for us :) Just yourself if you need it. We'll be waiting for when you can. Love your F and F posts too!!

So glad to know you're feeling better, you've been on my mind. Blaise is absolute perfection!

That sounds like a nice way to write - no pressure, just write for a while.

Blaise is darling. and I totally completely agree with the good/bad baby thing. Used to drive me nuts when I had babies! They were ALL good. It was just that I couldn't put one of them down ever... but that wasn't because she was bad, just... made that way... (and now I have Jessica Rabbit in my head... she's not bad, just drawn that way.)

Just sympathizing with you on the mastitis. It really really sucks. I got it during the Thanksgiving holidays (OF COURSE) and the only good thing I can say about it is it's gone in 48 hours, even without antibiotics. Or at least it was for me.

You sure have some beautiful kids!

Thanks for the linky love. I have to admit. I am writing MUCH more than 15 minutes at a time now--but that's the beauty of it. It snowballs!

I'm very excited you'll be posting here more regularly. Blaise is PERFECT looking (and reminds me more than a bit of Daniel.)

Nice picture of you and the godparents.

I'm glad Blaise's baptism was so peaceful and blessed. As Deacon Mark Rutherford observed, "No More Pagans!"

I just say yes when people ask me if she is good because of course she is!

And hopefully things will get a little easier as soon as all the illness leaves your house.

I'm glad that you were able to get treatment forthe mastitis relatively quickly. Also that Blaise's baptism went well, Camilla likes her medicine, and your husband is recovering. I had to write those things to show you that I did keep reading past the Oh My Goodness A Cute Baby With A DUCK On His Shirt picture. Babies, and the clothes they wear, are just so adorable.

Also, in the group shot, your hair continues to look fabulous. Just sayin'.

It really was a beautiful baptism. He was such an angel! And Camilla falling asleep, too-- adorable.

Sounds like you could have used some prayers recently, too! :)

I agree so much with what you said about "good" v. "bad" babies. My first was very high-need (and still is in many ways) whereas my second has always been more go-with-the-flow. Both have been "good" (wonderful!) and such blessings that have simply taught and challenged me in different ways. Who knows what our third will be like?

God bless you and your beautiful family, Arwen!

Your baby is cute!

It is my pet peeve that people call a stomach bug the "flu" when it is respiratory illness. thanks for saying it!

So good to hear from you again... and I hope you're all feeling better soon. Last March I got the flu (the real flu, I agree with you about being irritated when people call the stomach bug the flu)-- anyway, I got the flu AND mastitis... in all seriousness, I thought I was going to die. My fever (104) would not come down and I ended up going to the ER in the middle of the night. It was the most awful thing I've ever experienced... but thankfully my little one did not get the flu-- maybe because I continued to nurse him? I feel for you!

My husband came down with a horrid case of strep the week before Christmas and then my then-10-month-old caught a cold within days of that. when we took her to the dr. to make sure it wasn't strep they told us the "babies don't get strep" thing, but said there was one symptom to look for for the exception to the rule: thick crusty snot-like substance on the nose. Rare but occasionally happens so make sure you watch for that. They said it's really obvious that it's not normal, so you'll be able to tell.

Congratulations on the baptism! And welcome to the Church, Blaise!

Sorry to hear about the run of illness. My son had perianal strep too. He was a bit older than Camilla (3 or 4, maybe) and firmly entrenched in potty talk. Imagine his delight to be able to tell everyone he had, not strep THROAT, but strep BUTT! :-) Fun times.

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