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Friday, February 20, 2009


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What a beautiful baby! And reflux...I went through that with my 4th and it's hard! Super hard! But you know that...

Oh, Arwen, they are precious. I love Camilla's little curls! She is lovely. Also, it sounds to me as if she's very attuned to Blaise's needs. Clearly, she knows what the child needs. Big Sister Intuition. :o) Sounds like she's got the job down pat already.

Oooh the pictures are such a treat! I remember Becky, at about 22 months, sitting on the couch "nursing" her baby doll (with a pacifier in her own mouth) as I nursed newborn Nina next to her. Precious time--enjoy it!

So, so precious!

Just adorable. I have to admit, I'm jealous that your kids get to have their cousins so close. I would love to live closer to family (or have them live closer to me.) My two nephews are very close to my daughter's age, but since we live 14 hours from the closest one we rarely get to see them. *sigh*

That stripey elephant sleeper is what J was going to wear home from the hospital (it was the one and only preemie outfit I had) until he pooped all over it. I LOVE IT SO.

Oh, and that "I know this won't last forever" thing is SO TRUE about #2. You have proof walking around. It's awesome.

I think these photos illustrate the best part of sibling-hood. (Is that a word?)

Camilla is developing an even greater capacity to care and love for others. :) Adorable.

Hi there! Beautiful kids! :)

I stumbled upon one of your blog posts a few years back when you were talking about being a young mom and how people perceived you. I just wanted to say hi because I felt the same way you did! I'm 23 now with two beautiful little babes (2 and 6 months, respectively). I started a blog called The Young Mommy Life, check it out sometime if you get the chance!


Beautifull photographs!

Eamon had that same stripey elephant outfit. I loved it so much I stuffed him into it faaaaar longer than he actually fit into it. The first of a long line of embarassment for the sake of cuteness, I'm afraid.

Love your babies, and I'm so glad everyone's home and healthy.

I'm so glad that we got Camilla to let Branwen do her hair that day we put the "slings" on the little ones, she's so pretty! -<3 Tiri

Arwen, I love when you write, here and on Faith and Family. about how close your kids are (and will be!) to their cousins. My sister and I and two of our cousins are all very close in age (just over a year between the oldest and the youngest of the 4) and we've all always been very close, from playing together as toddlers to sleep overs in elementary school to visiting each other at college and beyond. We definitely have our differences, and drive each other crazy sometimes, but we're also best friends. I love hearing other people talk about close cousins.

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