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Monday, January 05, 2009


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Hi Arwen, I'm new to your blog, and have just started reading your new and some of your old entries, and I am finding the similarities between us just freakish. :) I am due with baby #2 on February 11th, after #1 (also a girl) coming 12 days early, with gestational hypertension. We also suffered from infertility problems initially, though nothing on the scale of what you went through. Reading your older posts brings so much back to me and makes me appreciate this pregnancy much more, even on those heavy, cumbersome days! I'll be keeping tabs on you and your impending birth, as it so closely mirrors my own. Nice to meet you and keep up the great writing!

I just want to tell you ... it'll be SO much easier this time without pitocin! I ended up with an epidural with my first. At the time I thought I was just a huge wimp and didn't know real pain. This time around, my midwife helped get the contractions going naturally, and while they didn't feel great, they were nothing compared to the back-breaking torture that was being confined to the bed with an IV drip of pitocin. While the actual giving birth hurt like nothing I've ever felt on this earth, the contractions were so much more manageable.

Since you did it unmedicated with pitocin the first time, I really think you're going to find this one to be even more euphoric. I'm so glad you're in a better situation this time. Go ahead and look forward to the birth, I won't think it's crazy. :)

Thanks for the update and the general idea of when the baby is due. EDDs drive me nuts when used as a hard and fast rule of when baby is coming. Somehow I always automatically put a +/- 2 or 3 weeks around those dates. But I couldn't even remember a general idea of when you were expecting this baby!

Blessings and may baby come gently at the best time.

Midwives are so wonderful! I'm glad you're having such a good experience this time around. I don't have anything to compare them to but I appreciated how relaxed mine were and how helpful. When I did need to go to the hospital for a test my midwife picked me up at home and drove me because my husband had the car!

I am so happy that you are getting the care you deserve. So many women end up just going along with whatever the Doc says and it's just so darn disappointing. It doesn't have to be like that!

My OB also hinted that she was a BIG BABY and talked up induction the whole time past 30 weeks - I am convinced it was just for her convenience. Infuriating!

Good for you! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. I wish more women would educate themselves like you - maybe then we could make birth more about babies and not money and time.

I think you are right that is isn't necessarily a midwife/doctor thing but that midwives tend to me better. My OB is great. Even after she had me get an ultrasound because she thought the baby was big, she didn't talk about induction until week 39 (and actually the day I went into labor naturally). I am just glad I have a great OB! Good luck in the next month!

Glad you are liking the MWs! I switched from an OB to a MW at 34 weeks this last pregnancy, and my only regret was that I didn't do it sooner. Hope you have wonderful birth! Can't wait to hear about it. :-) Have you by chance seen The Business of Being Born?

Midwife care really is wonderful! Go glad things are going well!

Ooops, that was supposed to be "so glad". :-)

I think doctors spend an awful lot of time covering themselves in case of lawsuit. It's sad, really. I have the white coat thing myself, and after years of practicing, I can calm myself to normal BP in the doctor's office.

Wow, that does sound awesome. I was surprised at how little my doctor asked my opinion about during birth. She just went ahead and did things. Luckily, I was coherent enough that I knew what she was doing and she didn't do anything that I didn't want, but still. I'm glad you found midwives that work for you.

Unless something goes awry (which it likely won't) I'm thinking you'll be blessedly surprised at how good birth can be when you're allowed to move with it and listen to your body.

If you haven't already, start spending some time on your hands and knees to encourage your little one into a good labor/birth position.

I had midwife care for all of my births and it was fantastic. I'm so happy that you have found care providers that are a good fit for you. The intermittent monitoring is great and if it weren't for all the position changes we did while I was pushing with my second baby (10 lbs 8 oz!), I'm not sure I ever would have gotten him out. Thank goodness for patient midwives!

Almost there! I'm so glad for you that you found a provider that works for you. After 3 babies, I haven't found that yet.

Dear Arwen, I have the feeling that you will love your birth experience this time around. You are prepared, you know what to expect, you know that you can do it and do it well. Your body "remembers" your first birth. You will do it like a pro.

I started to read here in your difficult times, and I loved your spiritual strenght, honesty and your loving, trusting attitude while you were waiting. I'm no Catholic but this is the spirit I love in Catholics.

So you can't imagine how happy it makes me to see you in your role as soon-to-be mother of two children! Now the powers between children and adults will be even in your house ;-) and that's great.

I have rarely commented, but I read every single blog post in this blog. Even if lately, they are a little less frequent in coming.......... they're worth the wait.

I had midwives when I was pregnant with the boys (although Raphael, the third, was delivered by a doctor - fast birth, all the midwives were busy, whatever. It was fine), and I just loved them. This pregnancy I'm being followed by an OB, and she's fine...but I miss the MOOD of midwife care, ya know? In my experience, they've been wonderful, calm and supportive and kind. And they believe in women and their ability to give birth, which is lovely.

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone, just reading your progress, not even living it! And I also had to wear belly monitors (2 of them) and I empathize with your dislike of them. :)

I had a middle of the road experience - a practice that has one male MD, a ARNP and 2 midwives who share the prenatal care and delivery duties. While I didn't get my preferred deliverer (someone else was on call) I loved my own prenatal care so much I'm highly recommending my practice to anyone who asks. Love them. And would seriously go to lunch with any of the women in the office - including the office manager. :)

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