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Friday, January 23, 2009


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Congratulations on your precious new little one! I hope everyone is feeling better soon -- like you said, it'll definitely make it seem like a cakewalk after that. :)

Thanks for participating!

Praying no RSV (not a good thing. BTDT with a couple of kids. no RSV and quick recovery for those who have it already), and looking forward to your birth story (Love birth stories!).

And could you look any happier? By the way, I love his name!

Obviously no one wants their new baby to get sick, but if it makes you feel better, babies get a huge load of immunity from their moms in the last few weeks of gestation. If he does get it he wouldn't necessarily get seriously ill. RSV is a HUGE deal for premature babies, though, because they miss those vital last weeks in the womb and they remain immunocompromised for about two years after birth. I've had two very premature babies, so I have been well versed in all things RSV!

I'm praying for you and hoping that Billa is better soon! I'm so glad that-- other than the illness-- things are going so well. :-)

10 points for cakewalks! Stupid question, but just so I'm pronouncing it correctly in my head: Blaise is prounounced like "Blaze"? Yes? No? Not even close?

I hope that Billa gets better soon and that Blaise skips the illness completely. And I hope that your cakewalk part comes soon!

That is a terrific picture.

Do take every precaution. Our new little man just went through RSV with a one night stay at the hospital and a few nights later we had to take him in to ER. He's fine now and generally babies are who get RSV, but the scare is real and not at all fun. I feel we lost three weeks of enjoying him to three weeks of panic and concern. Now, we're back to just enjoying him and I do sincerely hope you can avoid RSV. Nursing is a great boon! I think our little guy managed well because of it. All the best!

I hope Camilla recovers quickly and that your beautiful new baby can avoid it altogether.

I'm looking forward to your birth story; I just love reading about births, especially when they go according to plan.

Congratulations! One thing to be aware of with the nursing- remember to check for correct latch-on each time. With my second child I found the nursing experience to be so much easier that I got lazy about checking on my daughter's latch-on. She was tucking her lower lip in, and while she was managing to get plenty of milk, I managed to get horrendous nipple pain and cracked/bleeding nipples, etc. Ouch! Just be careful!

On the RSV, my son contracted it at 9 months old. Luckily he was fine, but another good thing is our doctor gave us a nebulizer. Even though they are normally used for asthma, it helps tremendously when your tot contracts a cold that seems to last forever. It reduces the tightness in the chest rather quickly and makes the cough more productive, increasing healing time. As 3 1/2 years old, I still use it. Insurance covers it and we've made it into a game to take the medicine. We have a little mask that looks like a fish and he likes to have that on. He's really quite good at sitting though the process. Just wanted to let you know & possibly check with your doctor about getting one. They really are a lifesaver.

If it helps any, my daughter got RSV when she was around six months old and though it was nasty, the pediatrician said it wasn't a big deal in a healthy full-term baby and to treat it just like a cold. Which is to say that I am sure that you don't want Blaise to get it but if Camilla has it, it is miserable but probably nothing more (knock wood--sorry to hear about your sister's son). Also, if you have the same thing, Blaise is unlikely to get it since your body is already making antibodies against it. Sending healthy thoughts your way!

And congrats--he's gorgeous!

Congratulations, he's beautiful. This is a slightly random suggestion, but I heard a radio programme about Human Milk Banks a couple of weeks ago, so if you really could feed three babies with your milk, there might be a way to spread it around, so to speak. Hope your little girl is back to her normal self soon.

Congrats, Arwen! Sounds like things are going great! Praying for your little one to stay healthy, and for Camilla to get well soon!

We just had a baby girl (baby #2) the end of November, and also have a 2 year old son. Right after Christmas, my son got sick, and I was convinced it was RSV. He had it last year and it was AWFUL to deal with, so I've been so scared of him getting it again and passing it on to my dd. With RSV, they produce an extreme amount of mucous (?sp) and the virus survives in the mucous for a long time, so it's highly contagious. The kids will be contagious as long as they are producing the mucous.

I'm praying Camilla has just a cold and not RSV and that little Blaise doesn't get sick! I'm glad to hear things are going so well!

It sounds like you are doing everything you can to keep the new little man in your life healthy. I will be praying that Camilla recovers quickly and Blaise stays in the clear. What a blessing that nursing is going so well!

A belated congratulations!

For what it's worth, when Julia was born, everyone was sick. Paul was sick the day before I went into labor, Max was sick while I was in the hospital, and I got sick a day after discharge. Julia was the only one who skipped it. We talked to a number of doctors about it, but they all said the same thing - nurse, keep a close eye, and keep your fingers crossed. You're doing everything you can. Hope it misses him entirely.

Awww! You look beautiful! Hope Camilla feels better soon, and yes, how great that you have the intercession of St. Blaise (one of my faves)! Happy wishes for all of you!

Beautiful picture of a happy family.

p.s. I want to snuggle your baby, is that okay?

What a precious baby boy!! Glad to hear the nursing is going well. Hope Camilla is feeling better soon!

Arwen, I'm just seeing this now! I wasn't going to start checking obsessively until this week - Blaise ruined my OCD tendencies by being early.

Congratulations, and prayers that Camilla keeps that upper respiratory infection to herself (and recovers quickly, of course).

You sound so good! I had to laugh, though, at Bryan's comment to you about how you being terrified wouldn't change the outcome - sounds just like something my husband would say. MEN! They're so...logical.
I'm obsessed with birth stories these days, but even if I weren't, I'd be eager to hear yours.

Arwen, I saw your twitter note-- I'm so sorry to hear that you all ended up at the hospital. This exact thing happened to us with our first, when he was 10 days old. As I'm sure you know by now, ANY baby younger than 8 weeks of age that presents with a fever must be admitted for a "rule out sepsis" work-up. Little ones can just get so sick so fast... better to be safe. I'm sure Blaise will be fine, but I know it's scary and stressful anyway.

One word of advice I wanted to pass on from my experience-- be on the lookout for thrush. My son and I both got it (not surprising since he was on IV antibiotics), but I didn't realize what was happening and didn't get on top of it in time. It made nursing very painful! Anything you can do to ward it off (limit sugar, pro-biotics, etc.) might be worth doing. I'm sure your midwives can also give you some ideas. Good luck, and I'll send prayers your way!

Hoping and praying that all of you are safely home and healing...

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