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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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I'm so very, very happy for you Arwen. Please keep us updated.

aha! :)


Wow! I'm so happy things are going so well!

I'm giggling a little because it's funny that you say you had no spotting at all, when you had (what you initially thought was) a whole period! maybe the bleeding pattern in both pregnancies was similar, but your perspective was a little different? Anyway, I've been reading for several years and have never commented. Congratulations on your pregnancy, looking forward to reading more!

How awesome to be so far along already! Congratulations!

How crazy!! I'm sure I'd be nervous wreck if I was bleeding while pregnant. I like Kate's point of view - so interesting!

Fingers crossed that you barf less this time -- I mean, as long as you're doing things differently and all.


All right, February! Already thinking good thoughts for clear weather. :)

Glad you've found a diet plan that is working for you in keeping the nausea at bay. I hope your sister is doing well and her baby is ready to make his/her appearance soon. I'm sure MI is a bit more temperate, but I think being 9+ months pregnant in the midwest heat we are experiencing here would be tough.

Actually, Kate, were you reading last time? With my first pregnancy I bled from implantation until about week nine. I actually had a clot in my uterus - outside the sac - that caused me to bleed copiously, far far more than I did with what I thought was a period this time. So, uh, that's not just a difference in perspective. I promise you if you saw the kind of blood that I saw with Milla, it would shock you too. The blood with this pregnancy, not so much.

Oh, good! Less time for me to wait!

I'm glad you are almost to the second trimester. I hope there will be less throwing up this time. That is never fun.

Arwen, it was dumb of me not to go back and review your archives before making a comment that could have been interpreted as thoughtless or flippant. That certainly was not my intention and I did not mean to diminish the relevance of something that surely was extremely upsetting for you in your previous pregnancy. Sorry about that.

Woo hoo! I'm so excited that you're already at 14 weeks. Hard to believe, huh?

As for the time flying, I'd venture a guess that it has something to do with a certain 'Billa, who takes up your thoughts and your time. You know, just a small, demanding, totally adorable distraction! :-)

Photos please! And I guess you need to start the belly shots part deux!

Congrats on this little miracle.

Oh wow! That's fantastic news - and congratulations on having a comparatively stress-free first trimester :). Less blood is never a bad thing - and it's good that you're better able to control your morning sickness this time around. (I thought that would be the case with me, but the nut decided to pull a switcheroo and completely change the things I had an aversion to and could eat, so I got to start from scratch allll over again :)). Just out of curiosity, are you back in maternity clothes yet?

I just have to delurk to say congratulations. I always enjoy your graceful perspective on life. I'm thrilled for you!

I'm glad to have found you over at Amalah's, and am definitely delighted to find another blogger in a similar state. I'm running officially 10 days behind you, and still dealing with all those lovely early symptoms. However, I don't have a toddler to contend with! Please excuse my disjointed comment. Pregnancy brain has hit me early. Best wishes to you!

I was the same way - first pregnancy: massive nausea first trimester, lots of throwing up second trimester. But my 2nd was different - no throwing up at all! Maybe you will be lucky in that regard as well. Congratulations on trimester #2 - it really is a huge milestone!

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